Aussie Jean's Toy Knitting Patterns
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  Adam's Kitten
Aliens 1
Aliens 2
Aliens - Chucky & Friends
  Bab y's Doll
  The Baseball Player
The Bubble Family
Car and Train
  Checkers the Clown
  The Cricketer
Christmas Baskets
Christmas Fairy & Mr & Mrs Snow
The Detective
Digby's Pony
Dizzie the Dinosaur
Doll in Carry Basket
Dolls - Funky Boy in 3 outfits
Dolls - Funky girl in 3 Summer outfits
Dolls - Funky girl in 3 winter outfits
  Dolls1 - Jayde and Emma
Dolls - June and Rosie
  Dolls2 - Scott and Emily
Dorina Dragon
  Down Under Gang
Dumb-bell Dolls
Easter Baskets
Faye's Dobbin
Fire Truck and School Bus
Aussie Rules Footballer
Footballer - Soccer
Footballer - USA
Gnomes - Gordon and Gertie
Golly - Jenny
Golly - Jules
Golly - Marlene
Golly - Marvin
Golly - Maurice
Golly - tina
  Jesse's Puppy
Ken Clothes
Mini Wizard, Witch and Tower
Rag Doll - Buddy blue hair
Rag Doll - Buddy Yellow Hair
Rag Doll - Cissy
  Rag Dolls - Buddy blue hair, Buddy yellow hair and Cissy. Three dolls for the price of two.
  Robert the Robot and Peter Pumpkin
  The Graduates - Grant and Allison
Tot's Toys 1 - Yellow face, orange face, clown face
Tot's Toys 2 - Telephone, Snake, Two Teddies
Tot's Toys 3 - Twin Baby Dolls and Teddy Rings
  Uncle Sam
Valentine Presents
Wilbur the Whale
Witches - Two
Wizards - Two
Y2K and Smiley

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Updated: 30th May, 2011

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