Jean Dale's Tiny Golly

"Knitting Pattern"

I used buttons for eyes and changed the colours slightly. I also picked up stitches for the head because it is much simpler. With 4 ply Australian yarn my golly measured just slightly more than the suggested measurements but I think he is overstuffed. I put a tie on his head and will use him for a Christmas tre e decoration. I also thought a few of them on elastic would make a cute pram toy.

Materials: A small ball of 4ply Fingering in each of the following colours: black, red, yellow and blue; a few inches of white; 2.5 mm needles; a narrow strip of red felt; stuffing.

Tension and Measurements: Worked at a tension of 8 stitches to one inch over garter stitch using 2.5mm needles. The golliwog, after filling, will measure 5.5 inches from top of head to soles of feet and 3.75 inches around body.

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, Work in garter stitch.


1st Foot: - Using Black wool and 2.5 mm needles cast on 4 sts, and k, one row. lnc. 1 st. at each end of the next row, then knit 4 rows. Break off black yarn and join in red and k18, Break of red. Push sts. to end of needle.

2nd Foot: - Make another foot and leg in the same way.

The body - Continuing with red, knit the 6 sts. of 2nd leg, then k. the 6 sts. of 1st leg (12 sts.) Knit 7 rows. Break off red, join in yellow and and knit 9 rows. Cast off 2 sts. at beginning of the next 2 rows (8sts) and then cast off. Make another piece in the same way.

Sew the two pieces together, stuffing as you go.

THE HEAD (Make Two Pieces Alike):

Using black cast on 6 sts. and ss 2 rows for neck. Inc, 1st at each end of the next row, then ss3 rows. Repeat the last 4 rows. Dec, 1st, at each end of the next row, then knit one row. (8 sts) Cast off for top of head.

Making Up: Sew two pieces together, leaving cast-off edge open, stuff and sew up opening. With white wool mark the eyes, then work a few black sts. to left of each eye. With red mark the mouth.

The Hair: Using black, cast on 9 sts. 1st Row: K1, then work a loop thus: * Insert the point of right-hand needle into the next st. on left-hand needle, then wind the wool 3 times over the first finger of left hand, taking the wool over the point of the right-hand needle each time, then draw the the loops through the st. on right-hand needle, after which k. into the back of the original st. on left-hand needle, pull out the made loops; repeat from * until 1 st. remains, k1. 2nd Row: K1, then k4tog. (that is the original st. and the 3 made loops) all along the row, until 1 st. remains, k.1. Repeat these 2 rows 3 times. Cast off. With cast-on edge at top of head, sew hair into position. Sew head to body.

The Arms (Make Two Pieces Alike):
Using black cast on 8 sts for hand, and k. 5 rows.
Break off black and join blue and k. 6 rows.
Inc. 1 st. at each end of the next row, then k.4 rows.
Cast off 2 sts. at beginning of the next 2 rows.

Fold each hand and arm in half so that the row ends meet and join, stuffing as you go. Sew arms to body. Tie felt round neck.