WordPower 2 Answers


1 If you eat exotic food, you eat food which is foreign. Did you discover that the same word has other meanings, too?

2 Birds are kept in an aviary. Easy!

3 Which one of these is not a vegetable? Tomato is a fruit.

4 ‘Kosher’ means ‘fit for use’. It applies specifically to food eaten by Jews.

5 What do these have in common? Hide, kid, pelt can mean conceal, child,hurl, but they can also mean the skin of an animal. Why do the same words have such widely different meanings? You can answer that question by searching in a good dictionary which gives etymologies (word histories).

6 You would find a horse in a field; a seahorse in the sea; and a horse-fly in the air. Where would you find a clothes-horse? In the kitchen or perhaps another room of a house. It is a wooden or metal folding frame on which clothes are hung to dry after they have been washed.

7 When you marinate, you soak meat or fish in a liquid.

8 A catechism is a series of questions put to someone in order to find what they believe. It has been used for centuries, in some churches, as a means of instruction.

9 A lyrebird gets its name from the fact that when it spreads out its tail feathers they make a shape like a lyre.

10 In horse-riding, dressage gets its name from an old French word meaning ‘to prepare’ the horse to perform particular movements. The word has nothing to do with the way the rider dresses.

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