WordPower 1 Answers


1 In the word ‘telescope’, the prefix tele- means: At or over a distance. From Greek tele meaning ‘far’.

2 The same word is used to denote (a) the moon and (b) a human-made device which is sent up into space. What is that word? Satellite.

3 'Span' can relate to duration or distance. It can also mean a team of oxen pulling a plough. Spaniels are popular and friendly dogs. How did they get their name? From a 14th century French word espaigneul, meaning a Spanish dog, which came from Latin Hispaniolus¸ Spain.

4 Poodles are lively, intelligent dogs. Where did their name come from? Yes, they were once called Puddle Hounds. The German name in the 19th century was Pudelhund. The dogs were trained to work in water.

5 Midday means noon. Amidst means ‘in the middle of’. A midwife is a person who helps mothers at childbirth. What is a midden? It's a pile of refuse or food scraps. Archaeologists and historians find old and ancient middens very useful when they’re working out how people lived.

6 When the explorer Marco Polo returned to Europe in 1295, he spoke of a place he called Terra Australis. What had he seen or heard about? A land in the south. Latin terra, land, + australis, southern.

7 The three wooden stumps used in the game of cricket are called wickets or the wicket. This is because: They represent a wooden gate. Centuries ago, the game was played by throwing a ball at the gate.

8 Are any of these real names for actual sports? If so, what other sport(s) are they related to? Hurling and shinty are related to hockey. The other one is a nonsense word.

9 Which part of your body is named after a baby whose mother dipped him in the Styx, a river which ran through Hades? Your Achilles tendon. For the full story, read about Achilles in your book of Greek myths. To find out where your Achilles tendon is, consult a book about human anatomy or ask you Sports teacher.

10 ‘Going by Shanks’s pony’ means walking. The lower part of the leg was called the shank, from the Old English word scanca.

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