The Great Pyramid of Cheops Challenges


 Use your imagination!

Challenge 1: Little Green Things

Some rather silly people say that the Great Pyramid and the other pyramids were built by extra-terrestrial beings.

In the world of facts (about history) why on Earth would they want to build them? What was their purpose? If they were so clever, why did they use only stone and wood to build them? (Keep in mind that the rooms inside are all very small and the entrances were sometimes hidden from the outside.)

In the world of fantasy, you are a Little Green Man or a Little Green Woman, or Little Green Thing. What is your mission here on Earth?

Challenge 2: The Real Story

There are pyramids of a different kind in South America. They look different and might have been built for different purposes. They were built at a different time. They are also in a different kind of landscape. We seem to have three different kinds of pyramids, don't we?


The group around the Great Pyramid of Cheops;


step pyramids in Egypt;


step pyramids in South America;


ziggurats in the Middle East.

In the world of facts (about history), were they built for the same purpose, or for different reasons?


In the word of fantasy... what is the real story?

Challenge 3: Demand your rights!

Nowadays, most people who work on building sites belong to a Trade Union which protects their rights. Suppose you are the leader of the Amalgamated Giza Pyramid Labourers Federation. Prepare a charter of rights for your members.

Challenge 4: Dare we dig it out?

In 1954, archaeologists discovered a wooden boat buried in a sealed pit near the Great Pyramid. It was in perfect condition, and consisted of 1,274 pieces of wood. Not a single metal nail was used to make it. Other areas have been excavated. Imagine that there is ANOTHER pit nearby that has not yet been opened. What might it contain, and what will happen when... ?

Challenge 5: For mathematical geniuses only

Work out the volume of the Great Pyramid. Is there another building of equal volume anywhere on Earth?

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