The Pharos of Alexandria Challenges

Use your imagination!

Challenge 1: Building for the millenium

The Pharos of Alexandria may have stood for about 1,000 years. That's a pretty long time! It took a series of earthquakes to destroy it. If you were asked to design and build a lighthouse, where would you build it, where would you not build it, and how would you ensure that it would stand for at least the next ten centuries?

Challenge 2: Oddly useless

You are eccentric. You really want to have a huge tower in your estate (or back yard). Because you are a very odd person, the tower must serve no useful purpose. Prepare your description and design, including as many interesting but useless components as you can.

Challenge 3: High living?

During periods when there has been a shortage of houses, tall blocks of flats (apartments) have been erected. It turned out that they are not a very good form of housing for people. What are the problems?

Design a completely new type of tower-building in which hundreds of people can live happily, peacefully,  comfortably, and with all the services they need.

Challenge 4: Oh, what a week!

The Pharos of Alexandra had ramps and staircases outside and inside. Somebody had to bring in the fuel and take it, perhaps, to the top floor of the lighthouse. Someone else had to make sure that the fire was always alight. Other people may have had to clean up the bird droppings (think how many seagulls there would be!). And then there's the job of collecting the fuel, whatever it was.  Imagine that you are one such person, working at the Pharos. Write your diary for a week in which something goes horribly wrong.


Challenge 5: Towering thoughts

Here is a photograph of a tall building. It is inhabited. You can probably guess that it's actually a termite mound. I took the photo in Zambia. But... apply your brilliant creative mind and work out what it might be and who built it, in a world of fantasy.



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