Team Thinking

The Wicked Ways of Wandering Wheelie Bins



The Scenario


Since time immemorial, wheelie bins (also called wheely bins) have been the slaves of humans. They have always obeyed. When told to ‘sit’, they always sat. When told to ‘stay’, they always stayed. When told to ‘face towards the road’, they always faced towards the road (well, usually).

Now, after centuries of oppression, the wheelie bins are rising up in revolt! They are going to wander wherever they wish, throughout the wide world.

However, there is a problem. The wheelie bins have forgotten something rather important — their owners always helped them to climb steps and go over bumpy ground.


The Challenge


You must work out how the wheelie bins overcame this problem. In your solution, you could, for instance:



Present the whole story as a TV documentary,


Prepare a series of newspaper articles, features and letters,


Make a working model of a wheelie bin and demonstrate how it can go up a flight of stairs,


Prepare notes on a meeting of experts (not human, of course) who solved the problem.


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