Team Thinking



The challenges in this section invite you to work in a group and think as a team. ‘Many hands make light work’ but ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth’. It might be a good idea to have a maximum of seven people in your team.

You will be given a Scenario, which sets the scene. It may be factual, fictional or fantastic, or a mixture. The Scenario is followed by a Challenge. There is no single ‘correct answer’ to the Challenge. Instead, you have a golden opportunity to:


Think laterally (creatively),  


Think logically,


Allot roles to team members,  


Work together as a group,  


Present your ‘solution’ as a performance, if you wish. This will be more exciting if you have a real audience, of course.

The Scenario gives you most of the necessary starting ‘facts’. It may also give you a few hints or clues. It is up to you to interpret these in any way you choose. This is where you learn how to ‘read between the lines’ — to discover ideas that are not at first obvious.


Note for teachers

These activities first appeared in my book ThinkAbouts. They were based on the structure and style of problems used in the Australian national Tournament of Minds, for which I was Curriculum Editor for several years.


Team Thinking 1: The Wicked Ways of Wandering Wheelie Bins

Team Thinking 2: Keep out of reach of children!

Team Thinking 3: Selling books in Bytomania

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