REALISATION crossword puzzle

Puzzle 3



1 The world's longest river.

3 Hard work.

5 The largest continent.

7 This country used to be called Persia.

10 A citizen of Israel.

11 Sodium chloride.

13 A very holy and good person.

15 Final.

17 The ancient Romans called him Cupid.

20 Part of your eye.

21 Physically tender, painful.

22 An expression of sorrow or regret.

23 A type of sea-bird

1 Relating to birth.

2 The language of the people mentioned in 17 Across.

3 Emperor old Russia (one of several possible  spellings).

4 Lasso.

6 The country south of Lebanon.

8 A story told in weekly parts.

9 A wild animal.

11 The Sun is one of these.

12 The language of this country is Lao.

13 To mix with a circular movement.

14 A volcano in Sicily.

16 A sign of the Zodiac.

17 To sign up for something, such as a course.

18 The smallest quantity.

19 To look fixedly at something.

21 A sea mammal




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