REALISATION crossword puzzle

The answers are all made from the letters of the word REALISATION.

Puzzle 2




1 A feature found in churches and places of worship.

4 A form of public transport.

8 Foreign.

9 You smell with it.

11 Another word for shop (noun).

13 A comparison or proportion of the quantity or value of two things.

14 To cook in an oven.

19 Starting fires illegally.

22 Despatched.

23 Which part of a dog wags?

24 A very tall storage container for grain.

25 Rational, sensible

2 A narrow street or road.

3 A space or field where sports contests are held.

4 Story.

5 A solo sung in an opera.

6 Sound, especially if it is loud.

8 Change (verb).

10 A mark left, for example, by something spilling onto cloth.

12 A large sea-going passenger ship.

15 Spoken, as opposed to written.

16 A piece of rock.

17 Sluggish, inactive.

18 A metric unit of liquid measure (British spelling).

20 Sailor.


Crossword puzzle 2 answers


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