REALISATION crossword puzzle

Puzzle 1



2 A share or portion.

5 Not early!

8 Start, beginning, commencement.

10 A passage, sometimes between the seats in a church.

11 A metal.

13 Related to the Sun.

14 A bird's claw.

17 Relax.

19 A high pitched singing voice.

21 As well as.






1 Decorative.

3 A group of three.

4 A prefix meaning before or in front of.

5 Another word for den.

6 A type of duck.

7 Short for 'island'.

9 Relating to the nose.

10 A prefix meaning opposed to.

11 Very angry.

12 A country or, collectively, its people.

15 East.

16 Betrayal of one's country.

17 Relative speed or progress.

18 An old word for lake.

20 A test, or a hearing in court.




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