Potions and spells

For your special pleasure, I’ll let you have a look at some Magick. It is from Secrets of Art & Nature, published in 1660. Apart from the font and the curious old letters, there’s some very interesting reading — don’t try any of these ideas! They are not evil or black magic. They are merely old-fashioned nonsense for your amusement which you study how books used to be printed.

The book was originally printed for Simon Miller at the Starre in St Pauls Church-yard, London. I have a facsimile (and exact copy) printed by Robert Stockwell, London (no date or ISBN). I set these short extracts in 17th Century Record Print font, to convey the feeling of the original. You can find out how to obtain this font on my Links page.

(These large graphics might take time to load on slower computers. Be patient!)

A selection of weird ways of performing magical events. They are not ‘Satanic’ but merely old-fashioned superstitious nonsense!

Here are some remedies for stomach complaints and digestive difficulties. On no account should you try them!

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