And here's another selection, added after I received encouraging comments.


I feel nostalgic for Africa when I watch TV documentaries...

the people, the landscapes...

From memory, this is part of the Zambesi escarpment, on the road from Zimbabwe to Zambia.




This eerie landscape isn't in Africa. It is Castlerigg stone circle, high in the hills near Keswick in the north of England.

This is one of the most ancient and haunting places I've seen during my travels. When you're there, you can feel something beyond the visible.




In complete visual contrast, here is a sunset, through a gap in cliffs on the southern coast of Western Australia.

This one's here because I like it.










From Zambia to England to Australia and now to the Tyrol, in Austria.

I found Hansel and Gretel when I visited the picturesque village of Erhardt in 1964.

OK, so it's a bit of a touristy photo. Sorry.

I suppose they must be aged about 50 now. I wonder where they are and what they're doing?







Back to Kitwe...

For a short time, I experimented with extreme close-ups. Here are the tiny blooms of a climbing plant we called golden shower. Each stamen is about 3mm long.

Sorry the pic isn't larger. My much enlarged copy wouldn't load properly.


Not too close-up, but a rather nice photo of a milliwhatsit. I know it isn't a chongolulu because they were dark and shiny and much longer. Perhaps a Zambian or Zimbabwean friend will remind me what this is. Beautiful, isn't it?






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