Name Your Nonsense

You can make a phrase by starting each word with the letters of another word. The phrase doesn't have to make complete sense. It might be close to nonsense. Examples:








The Huge Underlying Noise Directly Exhibits Rain.

You can use the letters of your name to write a sentence. Each letter becomes the first letter of another word. Have a close look at this example:


Carefully Helping Reading Is Satisfying. Just Offer Nice Easy Scripts.

I used capitals to show you how it works. I also made separate sentences with the first name and surname. You don't have to do this. You can start new sentences wherever you like, and you can introduce different kinds of punctuation.

It's much harder to use the same letters over and over again to write a series of sentences, or a story.

If you have letters like K, Q and Z in your name, you might run short of words beginning with those letters!

If you have A and T in your name, that will help. Those letters can be used to start some very common words.

A can be used for A and AN.

T can be used for THE, THEN, THEIR, THERE, THIS.

On the other hand, it becomes very difficult if your name has a lot of those letters. I had a go, using my own name which has only a few different letters. The result is a nonsense story. Here it is, based on BRIAN BARRATT:

"But really, I am not befuddled," announced Roderick, rushing around the table. "Being rotund is always nice."

But Annabelle ruefully remembered always to think before replying. Impatient assertions never bring amiable responses. "Rotundity always tests tempers be reasonable," implored Annabelle.

Not bothered, ample Roderick rotated above the table, balancing riskily. "I'm a nifty bloke!"

"Actually, rotating rudely above the table benefits rarely. It apparently numbs brains," Annabelle replied. Roderick accidentally tripped, then bounced roughly in alarmed negligence.

"Bother!" asserted Roderick regretfully. "Another tiny tumble!"

This game is a real challenge to your vocabulary. You might want to use the word "run", for example, but there is no R in your name. You must look for another word with a similar meaning.

You'll need to use a dictionary of synonyms or a thesarurus. It can also help to have someone else nearby who can suggest words. Two brains are better than one.

Let's face it this is the most difficult activity on this website. It can take a long time. It's also a lot of fun. Your story doesn't have to make sense, but your sentences must be as close as possible to being well constructed, i.e., grammatical.

I did a couple of examples to show you how a name with a good variety of letters can start  different kinds of stories. I invented a name with a fairly good mix of consonants and vowels to make it easier. Notice how I used direct speech in quotation marks as a way of including short, conversational, ungrammatical sentences. Remember to look carefully at the first letter of each word.


Running on soft earth, her actions looked smooth. The energetic and determined rhythm obviously supplied exercise. Here, Anna leapt steadily towards exciting athletic dreams.

Roads offer some extra heavy achievement. Liking such tests encouraged Anna's determined running. Oh, she enjoyed her activities!

"Look," she told everyone, "a definite routine obviously stimulates energy, health and liveliness!"

She took every available direction. rising often so early, having a light snack, the exercise and diet rigidly observed such effort helped.


Roaming over such eerie houses, always lonely, seemingly the enigma. Ancestors don't return. Or so everyone hopes. A lurking spook? The evidence always denies.

Ron observed something. Evidently he always liked staring. There, eventually, a door rumbled open.

"Strange event," he announced loudly.

Suddenly tense, even a daring Ron obviously seemed extremely horrified. A lost spirit? The ethereal ancestor?

"Daft!" Ron openly said. "Eerie hauntings are lies!"

Here's the ultimate challenge: Try it with your name!

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