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Here are clues and definitions for 50 words. One of the answers is a 9-letter word. The other 49 are shorter words made from the letters of this long word. No other letters can be used. The 9-letter word has something to do with one of the words in the name of the puzzle.

You will probably need a dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopaedia and a helpful friend to sort this lot out.


There are five movements (sections) in the symphony. You can tackle one at a time, if you like If you feel energetic, you can do all five in sequence. First of all, though, read the warning near the bottom of this page.



1.    A unit of measurement for land. About .4 of a hectare.

2.    Someone who takes a role in a play.

3.    A curved structure that helps to hold up a bridge.

4.    A toxophilite.

5.    To take somebody into custody when they are suspected of doing wrong.

6.    To look after, to nurse, to be concerned about somebody.

7.    An orange coloured vegetable.

8.    A small wheel under a bed, chair or table.

9.    To supply food or to look after somebody's special needs.

10.   An old word for 'map'.



11.   A large box with a lid. Used to be very good for holding treasure!

12.   A boring job that you don't like doing.

13.   The area of land where it meets the sea.

14.   Another word for the heart or the inner part of something such as fruit.

15.   The amount of money that is asked for when you want to buy something.

16.   An accident or a collision in a car.

17.   The hole at the top of a volcano.

18.   What a cockatoo has on its head.

19.   Another word for 'soil', also the name of a planet.

20.   Someone who goes with someone to guard them or to show them where to go.



21.   An animal that looks like a rabbit.

22.   To dislike something or someone very much.

23.   A person who displays courage.

24.   A popular animal for riding and racing.

25.   A person who entertains guests at a dinner or a party.

26.   A dull yellow colour, named after the earth it is made from.

27.   A large group of people who assemble to play one of the things named in the title of this page.

28.   Can mean different from, extra or more.

29.   The most rare.

30.   Can mean a slice of bacon OR more hasty.



31.   Attain, stretch to.

32.   Act in response to something.

33.   The head of a university or a church parish.

34.   To relax. Can also mean 'the remainder'.

35.   A great noise, like the cry of a lion.

36.   To frighten.

37.   To look for something.

38.   Ration, portion, the bit that each person receives.

39.   To cut the wool from a sheep.

40.   Opposite of long.



41.   To fly upwards to a great height.

42.   Painful.

43.   A white substance found in potatoes and wheat. Helps to make clothes stiff.

44.   Another noun for 'shop'.

45.   To instruct.

46.   A sign that something or someone has been present.

47.  Another word for 'rubbish'.

48.  Opposite of west.

49.  Someone who doesn't play fairly or honestly.

50.  To cook meat and vegetables in an oven.


Right, if you can state with a clear conscience and a straight face that you have done all you can to find the answers, you are permitted to check them HERE. If you cheat, you will be sent to the back row where nobody can see or hear you, OK?


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