The Great-Big-Huge-Enormous-Happy-Word-and-General-Knowledge-Feast


Here's your menu for the feast...


You have to find 50 words in this tasty menu.


47 of the one-word answers to the 50 clues and questions each have four or five letters. Two words have six letters each. One of the words uses all nine letters.


You may use only the letters in the square. You may not use any of the letters more than once in a word. The letter E may be used twice, because there are two in the square.


The first 49 answers are in alphabetical order. (Isn't it nice of me to help you with that clue?)


You might need your dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopaedia and a helpful friend.


OK? The feast has five courses. You can taste one at a time, if you like. If you're a glutton, you can demolish them all in one go. It might be a good idea if you read the warning near the bottom of this page.



1. Clever, having skill, or having the ability to do something.

2. A passage between blocks of seats in a theatre or a church.

3. An orange to yellowish-brown colour. Also fossilised resin.

4. To walk in a relaxed, easy way, without hurrying.

5. A bundle of hay, held together with cords.

6. A soothing ointment.

7. Uncovered, naked.

8. A herb used in cooking. Named after a person in a Greek myth.

9. A large furry animal (noun). To carry (verb).

10. An alcoholic drink.



11. The responsibility for a mistake or an accident.

12. To make a loud harsh sound.

13. A type of fresh-water fish.

14. The top edge of something hollow.

15. A title given to a nobleman.

16. A stand on which an artists puts a canvas.

17. A burning piece of wood or coal left in a fire.

18. To delete.

19. The religion of the followers of Mohammed.

20. Having something wrong with your foot or leg, and limping.



21. A written agreement, usually to do with renting property.

22. A sign of the Zodiac, meaning "scales".

23. (a) A citrus fruit. (b) Calcium oxide.

24. Being a man, a boy, of the masculine gender.

25. Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner or supper!

26. A famous Australian opera singer (18611931).

27. (a) Nothing more than. (b) An old word for a lake.

28. A measure of distance, about 1.6km.

29. Swampy ground, a bog.

30. A skinflint.



31. Another name for hydrophobia.

32. (a) To lift something. (b) To bring up children.

33. A kingdom.

34. sheets of paper.

35. A person who fights against authority.

36. (a) To get up or out of bed. (b) To move upwards.

37. A small animal. Its fur is used to make artists' paintbrushes.

38. The act of exchanging something for money.

39. A sea mammal (noun). (b) To close something tightly (verb).

40. A line where two pieces of material have been joined.



41. To burn or to scorch.

42. This country was part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

43. An old name for Thailand.

44. The male parent of an animal.

45. To shut something noisily, such as a door.

46. Slender

47. Sticky, oozing stuff like mud.

48. (a) A dirty stain. (b) An insult to someone's good name.

49. To show, by moving your mouth, that you are happy.

50. The opposite of one of the words in the title of this page. This is the 9-letter word, ho ho, right at the end.


When you have really truly honestly genuinely found as many as you possibly can, I'll allow you to look at the answers HERE. If you cheat, I'll send you to the kitchen to wash the dishes.


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