Anagrams no. 1

1. To carry on doing the same thing.
2. To stay where you are.
3. Moving quickly on your legs.
4. You walk on this, along the side of a road.
5. The American word for footpath.
6. Cars, buses, bicycles, trucks, etc.
7. Using your legs to move.
8. Using a chair to stay where you are.
9. Being upright on your legs, not walking or running.
10. Remaining in the same place. TINY SAG = STAYING
11. To wind or turn in different directions. ME A NERD = MEANDER
12. Went off the path or got lost.
13. One of the colours of a traffic light.
14. A deed. The process of doing something.
15. This is where you catch a train.
16. You stand on this while waiting for a train.
17. You pay this to travel on a bus or train.
18. To move or roam casually.
19. If the traffic is heavy, you travel at this speed.
20. An adjective meaning ‘speedy’.

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