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Anagram Answers 1

1. To carry on doing the same thing. ONE TUNIC = CONTINUE

2. To stay where you are. A MINER = REMAIN

3. Moving quickly on your legs. NUN GRIN = RUNNING

4. You walk on this, along the side of a road. FAT PHOTO = FOOTPATH

5. The American word for footpath. WEAK LIDS = SIDEWALK

6. Cars, buses, bicycles, trucks, etc. FIR FACT = TRAFFIC

7. Using your legs to move. LANK WIG = WALKING

8. Using a chair to stay where you are. STING IT = SITTING

9. Being upright on your legs, not walking or running. STING DAN = STANDING

10. Remaining in the same place.      TINY SAG = STAYING

11. To wind or turn in different directions. ME A NERD = MEANDER

12. Went off the path or got lost. REST DAY = STRAYED

13. One of the colours of a traffic light. BREAM = AMBER

14. A deed. The process of doing something. A TONIC = ACTION

15. This is where you catch a train. SAT ON IT = STATION

16. You stand on this while waiting for a train. TRAM FLOP = PLATFORM

17. You pay this to travel on a bus or train. FEAR = FARE

18. To move or roam casually. WARNED = WANDER

19. If the traffic is heavy, you travel at this speed. SLY OWL = SLOWLY

20. An adjective meaning ‘speedy’. A DRIP = RAPID

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Anagram Answers 2

 1. A useful item for cooking food in. A SNAP CUE = SAUCEPAN

2. A herb often added to casseroles. SLY PEAR = PARSLEY

3. Used for making a popular drink. TAP TOE = TEAPOT

4. Put things in here to keep them cool. RED FIG = FRIDGE

5. It’s large and round and makes good soup. PUNK IMP = PUMPKIN

6. These go into sandwiches, salads and lots of other dishes. SEA MOTTO = TOMATOES

7. You cannot make chips without these! SO TEAPOT = POTATOES

8. Knives, forks and ...? NO SOPS = SPOONS

9. A sort of cooker or oven. A WORM VICE = MICROWAVE

10. Some people sprinkle this on salad or fish and chips.  EVA GRIN = VINEGAR

11. This item makes bread turn brown. EATS ROT = TOASTER

12. All the other items in this list can be found in this place. THE NICK = KITCHEN

13. Put your meat and vegetables on these before eating them. STAPLE = PLATES

14. A favourite Italian pasta. EIGHT TAPS = SPAGHETTI

15. A type of fruit drink. COLD AIR = CORDIAL

16. Sweet, juicy, healthy fruit. NOSE RAG = ORANGES

17. Not so sweet fruit! SOLEMN = LEMONS

18. Spread this instead of butter, if you like. GERMAN AIR = MARGARINE

19. Always handy for drying hands. OWLETS = TOWELS

20. A healthy diet includes plenty of these. TV BEE GALES = VEGETABLES

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Anagram Answers 3

 1. Another name for a computer screen. TIN ROOM = MONITOR

2. What computer pictures are called. PIGCRASH = GRAPHICS

3. A popular type of disk. FLY POP = FLOPPY

4. What the ‘M’ in RAM stands for. MY ROME = MEMORY

5. What the ‘R’ in RAM stands for. MAD IRON = RANDOM

6. You enter commands through this. BORED YAK = KEYBOARD

7. To operate no. 6, it helps to be a ...? PIT STY = TYPIST

8. A no. 7 uses all of these, not just two. REF SIGN = FINGERS

9. A unit of measurement representing 1024 units of data. BIT YOKEL = KILOBYTE

10. Software for storing and retrieving data. ADA BATES = DATABASE

11. Software for storing and calculating figures. THREE SPADES = SPREADSHEET

12. One of the words in clue no. 1. METRO CUP = COMPUTER

13. The plural of no. 12. STUMP CORE = COMPUTERS

14. Small, portable types of no. 12. STOP PAL = LAPTOPS

15. This produces hard copy. RIP RENT = PRINTER

16. The tiny electronic ‘brain’ that does the hard work in a computer. SORE CROPS = PROCESSOR

17. This enables you to puts gaps between letters and words. SPARE ABC = SPACEBAR

18. 2 million bytes = 2 ? BEES AT GYM = MEGABYTES

19. An item mentioned in no. 18 (two words). SHARK DID = HARD DISK

20. This item can be hard or floppy. SKID = DISK

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Anagram Answers 4

1. Most books are divided into these. HER PACTS = CHAPTERS

2. Sentences are grouped in these. RAP RAP HAGS = PARAGRAPHS

3. Words are grouped in this. SCENE TEN = SENTENCE

4. People who write books. OUR HATS = AUTHORS

5. Children’s books have lots of these. PIE CRUST = PICTURES

6. Person or company that produces books. BRUSH PILE = PUBLISHER

7. Simple drawings to explain something. AMID RAGS = DIAGRAMS

8. Pictures from real life. OH STOP = PHOTOS

9. A short piece at the beginning of a book. CARP FEE = PREFACE

10. The correct name for these letters is ‘upper case’. A PLASTIC = CAPITALS

11. This appears on the spine. LET IT = TITLE

12. The ? page is behind the title page. PRIM TIN = IMPRINT

13. You borrow books from these. ALIBI ERRS = LIBRARIES

14. You buy books from these. SPOOK BOSH = BOOKSHOPS

15. You look up words in this. A DIRTY COIN = DICTIONARY

16. All the letters of English make up the ? HELP A BAT = ALPHABET

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