Anagrams 3

1. Another name for a computer screen.
2. What computer pictures are called.
3. A popular type of disk.
4. What the ‘M’ in RAM stands for.
5. What the ‘R’ in RAM stands for. MAD RON = RANDOM
6. You enter commands through this.
7. To operate no. 6, it helps to be a ...?
8. A no. 7 uses all of these, not just two. REF SIGN = FINGERS
9. A unit of measurement representing 1024 minimal units of data.
10. Software for storing and retrieving data.
11. Software for storing and calculating figures.
12. One of the words in clue no. 1.
13. The plural of no. 12.
14. Small, portable types of no. 12.
15. This produces hard copy.
16. The tiny electronic ‘brain’ that does the hard work in a computer.
17. This enables you to puts gaps between letters and words.
18. 2 million bytes = 2 ?
19. The main storage area on a computer (two words).
20. This item can be hard or floppy.

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