Anagrams 2



1. A useful item for cooking food in.
2. A herb often added to casseroles.
3. Used for making a popular drink.
4. Put things in here to keep them cool.
5. Itís large and round and makes good soup.
6. These go into sandwiches, salads and lots of other dishes.
7. You cannot make chips without these! SO TEAPOT = POTATOES
8. Knives, forks and ...?
9. A sort of cooker or oven.
10. Some people sprinkle this on salad or fish and chips. EVA GRIN = VINEGAR
11. This item makes bread turn brown.
12. All the other items in this list can be found in this place.
13. Put your meat and vegetables on these before eating them.
14. A favourite Italian pasta.
15. A type of fruit drink.
16. Sweet, juicy, healthy fruit.
17. Not so sweet fruit!
18. Spread this instead of butter, if you like.
19. Always handy for drying hands.
20. A healthy diet includes plenty of these.

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