1.   You might have a VCR at home. What do the letters V C R stand for? 

2.   In a computer, what does ROM mean?

3.   A very large and important international body is called UNO. What does it stand for? 

4.   The chemical formula for water is H2O. What do H and O stand for? .

5.   A horse has four legs and can run. A horsefly has six legs and can fly. A clothes horse might also have four legs, but it cannot run or fly. What is a clothes horse?

6.   When people are amazed about something, they sometimes say that it is 'incredible'. What does that word mean? 

9.   'Exotic' is used to mean fascinating, unusual, very different. What is its original and real meaning?

10.  You probably use a computer every day. 'Computer comes from 'compute'. What does compute mean? 

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