1.   Most Chinese dragons do not have wings. Right

2.   A griffin (gryphon) is part eagle, part horse. Wrong. It is part eagle, part lion.

3.   A wyvern (wivern) is a type of dragon with a serpent's tail and four legs. Wrong, it has only two legs.

4.   A lung is a Chinese dragon with five claws on each foot. Right.

5.   Which area of the world do trolls live in? (c) Scandinavia.

6.    Leprechauns are fairy shoemakers who live in (a) Ireland.

7.   'Glamour' is a word we use to describe a person's beauty. The word comes from an old Scottish word meaning fairy magic. Right.

8.   Goblins are really very pleasant beings, in spite of their reputation. Wrong. They are always up to mischief and nasty tricks.

9.   Unicorns are not mythical creatures. They were a type of deer which once roamed the forests of northern Europe, but are now extinct because humans eventually killed them all. Wrong.

10. King Arthur's magical sword was called (b) Excalibur.

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