1.   A gauntlet in a suit of armour was a type of (a) metal plate, (b) shoe, (c) glove.

2.   What was a moat? (a) a type of wooden fighting ship, (b) a wound inflicted in a sword fight, (c) a trench round a castle, filled with water?

3.   What did a knight do with his visor? (a) carry it in his right hand, (b) wear it on his head, (c) tie it to his horse?

4.   What was a battlement? (a) a place where knights fought, (b) a game like chess, (c) a protective wall with openings, around the top of a castle.

5.   A scabbard was used by a knight to carry his (a) food, (b) sword, (c) stolen treasure? (b) sword.

6.   A rampart was (a) an area for keeping male sheep, (b) a wall or bank built around a protected area, (c) a huge wooden device for battering down castle gates.

7.   Mail was something a knight (a) wore to protect himself, (b) delivered to somebody, (c) ate in the banquet hall after winning a battle?

8.   If you study heraldry, you are interested in (a) old documents, especially newspapers, (b) old musical instruments, (c) coats of arms.

9.   In a castle, what was a loophole? (a) a trap, made of rope, to snare people who tried to creep in at night. (b) part of a scaffold on which criminals were hung. (c) a small hole or window in a wall.

10. What was a quiver? (a) a sheath for carrying arrows, (b) something a knight waved when he wanted to surrender, (c) a sort of flag on the top of a castle.

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