1.  The gutter is the space, sometimes curving inwards because of the way a book is bound, between two opposite pages in an open book.

 2.  The imprint page is usually on the back of the title page. It lists all the details of the imprint, i.e., the publisher, date of publications, ISBN, copyright notice, etc.

 3.  A blurb in a book is a short summary or description printed on the back cover or an inside fold of the dust-jacket. In paperbacks, it is sometimes printed on the first page before the title page.

 4.  Small letters are called lower case letters. Capital letters are upper case letters. This comes from how individual letters of fonts were stored when typesetting was done by hand.

 5. A frontispiece is (c) an illustration opposite the title page.

6.  International Standard Book Number.

7.  A glossary is (b) a list of words and their meanings.

8.  An appendix is (a) notes and tables and additional material added to the end of a book, before the index..

9.  In a biography, the author tells the story of someone else's life. In an autobiography, the author tells their own life story.

10.  i, ii, etc., are Roman numerals. 1, 2, etc., are Arabic numerals.

11. Manuscript comes from Latin words manus, 'hand' + scriptus from scribere, 'to write'.

12. The page at the back of the title page is the page which gives you all the details of where and when the book was published. It is called the imprint page.

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