1.   In a book, where is the gutter?

 2.   Where will you find the imprint page in a book?

 3.   In a book, what is a blurb?

 4.  What is the correct terms for small letters and capital letters?

 5. 'Frontispiece' is a word you don't see very often. What does it mean? (a) a piece of writing near the beginning of a book, (b) a picture on the cover, (c) an illustration opposite the title page?

6.  What does ISBN stand for?

7.  What is a glossary? (a) something which makes dust jackets and book covers shiny, (b) a list of words and their meanings, (c) a dictionary with words in at least three different languages.

8.  What is an appendix? (a) material such as notes and tables added to the end of a book, (b) the index of a medical textbook, (c) something like a preface or an introduction at the beginning of a school book.

9.  What is the difference between a biography and an autobiography?

10. The first few pages of a long book are sometimes numbered i, ii, iii, iv, v, etc., before the pages numbers start again at 1. What are the correct terms for these numbers?

11. Where does the word 'manuscript' come from?

12.  In a book, what do you call the page at the back of the title page.

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