A mysterious old book has been discovered. You and your team of researchers are asked to study it. You read that a Captain Easegone Fleming travelled the world in a sailing ship. He discovered many strange and marvellous places. He saw creatures which had never been seen before. One of the most curious pages of the book caught his eye.

Click on the thumbnail to read the amazing story. It might be a good idea to print the page for reference. You might see some letters which you do not recognise. You can find what they meaning by clicking HERE and you can then write your own 'translation'.

Here is a copy of the drawing. Click on the thumbnail to study it more closely.

In at attempt to work out exactly what the explorers saw, one of your team has elaborated this drawing. Click on the thumbnail for a closer inspection.

Now... What was it? How big was it? (There is a small clue in the old page.) How long ago did this happen? What happened to the good Captain and his crew? Is this thing still alive somewhere? Where did it come from? Are there others? There are many questions which need answering.

Note: The font used to create the 'old' page was produced by Crazy Diamond, a company in England. Some of their fonts were used in the Harry Potter films. You can find more details on the Links page here: Some useful links

What on Earth was The first Thing ?

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