Here is another sort of word puzzle for you to try. You'll probably need a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a few friends to help you.

Use clues 1 to 6 to find words. Write the words in the rows. One has been done for you in the first grid. When you have completed all the words, look at the letters down the first column. They can be moved around to make another word. Clue 7 gives you a definition of that word.


1 You sleep during this.

2 A type of grasshopper which comes in plagues.

3 A flightless bird.

4 Distance travelled per unit of time.

5 Protection against future loss. People take out policies.

6 A person who cannot read or write is .

7 The name of a musical instrument. V .


1 Iron (verb). Also another name for a printing machine.

2 Characteristic of rural life.

3 The Roman name for Odysseus

4 One of the lower singing voices of a male.

5 An underwater ship.

6 Seismologists measure this.

7 Excellent.


1 Command.

2 A doghouse.

3 The condition of the earth's surface when it is worn away by rain and wind.

4 An animal in its second year. A term used for some racehorses.

5 An acrobatic turn.

6 Someone who writes for a newspaper.

7 This person rides a horse for a living.


1 An embalmed body from ancient Egypt.

2 Richly decorative.

3 You use logical thinking and you use thinking.

4 Hoping, longing.

5 The capital of Romania.

6 A very tall building.

7 A sign or figure which represents something, e.g., the dove is a of peace.


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