Journey to Infinity

and what you might find along the way


Some simple (?) fractals

There are all kinds of fractals. These pictures are not from the Mandelbrot set. They are smaller, less complex fractals created by different algorithms an algorithm is an arithmetical or computational formula on a computer. The source of these versions is a suite of computer programs named Winfract, where you can also zoom in to each fractal.

Please don't rush through this page. Have a long, hard look at the pictures and captions. Make a note of the ideas you get when you look at the fractals and read the captions.

Note: You cannot zoom into these pictures. They are screen-grabs from computer-generated fractals. They are not 'live' fractals.


What does this remind you of? Wings? Eyes? How would it look in a different set of colours?


More eyes, or something to do with anatomy or microbiology, or fruit, or...?



This one shows self-similar patterns as it branches out. Like moss, or lichen, or frost, or...?



Water? Ocean wave? Underwater creature? A creature from...?



Yes, this was generated by numbers on a computer, but it could be...?



Something seen from the air? Something seen in outer space? Close up, a cross-section of ...?

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