Journey to Infinity

and what you might find along the way


The Mandelbrot Fractal

Note: You cannot zoom into these pictures. They are graphics from screen-grabs. They are not 'live' fractals.

The Mandelbrot fractal can be produced with many different colour schemes. This is one version.

In your imagination, you could see this as a series of lakes. There seem so be some very colourful shore-lines. It is in these multicoloured areas that you start finding shapes the repeat themselves over and over again. For example, this is what you see if you zoom into the lake on the left of the large lake.

And this is what you see if you zoom into the next small lake on the left.

This zooming can continue. Here's the next lake to the left. Now you can start to see some of extraordinary repeating patterns around those shore-lines, too!

If you zoom further in, you reach magnifications of millions and even billions. Some wonderful mutations of the original patterns come into view.

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