Journey to Infinity

and what you might find along the way


BrainWorks 2

1 This is based on the pictures from the Mandelbrot set. Imagine you are an explorer, the captain of a sailing ship in some bygone century. You have sailed across the ocean and entered a great bay.

You continue, and sail into yet another bay, and then another.

You seem to be getting nearer and nearer to the far shore, but you never reach it.

More and more strange and wonderful sights can be seen around you, on the shores of the lakes. What are these things? How do you and your mariners react?

Your mariners believe that Earth is flat. You believe it is a sphere. Will your journey ever end?

Write your log-book of each day's events and discoveries. Record how far you have travelled, what you have seen, and your hopes and fears, up to a specific and critical point of your choosing.

Have another look at the Mandelbrot set

2 Your mind never stops working. It enables you to:

Interpret what you see around you,

Interpret what you experience,

Form ideas,

Form larger concepts,

Hold all this in memory,

Use the ideas and concepts in your memory when you are learning more.


Could this is be a map of your mind? Does it represent or symbolise the ceaseless activities inside your mind? Does it show, of example:

The way you intepret what you see and hear?

How you use your ideas, group them together, and form concepts?

Association of ideas the way one idea leads to another?

Your memory?

Your knowledge the groups of ideas which are what you believe you know for certain?

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