Journey to Infinity

Random shapes in the natural wor1d


BrainWorks 1

Have a go at one or more.

1 What other examples can you find in the natural world of apparently repeating patterns or similar items stemming from the same source?

2 Choose one of the three versions of the close-up of the leaf and its veins, on the page you just came from. You know that the first shows the actual leaf. The second shows it as it might look. The third is a sort of interpretation of the patterns, done by a computer. Switch on your imagination at this stage. Forget the leaf. What else might your chosen picture represent? Where is it? What would you do with it, or about it? Move as far as you like into the world of fiction and fantasy.

3 Here is a pattern from the Mandelbrot fractal set, with a zoom-magnification of a few million. The second version has been processed in a graphics program to bring up shades of green.


Use your imagination again. Choose either of the graphics. What might it be in the real world, or what could it represent in the natural world? What would you do if you saw it, or had it, or were in it? Remember, it can be a representation of something very large or something very small indeed.

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