Journey to Infinity

and what you might find along the way


5 Towards Infinity

Infinity has been mentioned several times. Do you know what it is? Are you sure? Do you agree with these dictionary definitions?

Time without end.

The state of having no boundaries or limits in time, space, etc.

Endless time, space, or quantity.

The state of being endless or having no limits.

(There are other more complex definitions for people interested in Maths and Physics.)

I can't tell you what infinity really is because I don't know. Jump straight into these BrainWorks and see if you can work it out. This is where you start thinking philosophically.

No need to click here. BrainWorks for philosophical thinking

1 The repeating patterns inside a perfect Mandelbrot pattern are said to go on to infinity. If you go on a 'journey to infinity' it will have no end. Infinity has no boundaries or limits. Can your journey have a start?

2 Items in space have dimensions. Events in time have a start and sometimes a finish. They can all be measured in one way or another. The universe exists in space and time. This means that the universe is finite it has limits which can be measured. If this is so, what is outside the universe?

If you are familiar with the 'Big Bang' theory of an expanding universe, you could discuss what the universe is expanding into. It cannot be space and time. If it were space and time, it would be part of the universe. So what is it?

4 Everything that happens in space also happens in time. Everything that happens in time also happens in space. In the absence of space and time, nothing exists or can happen. If that is true, what does the word 'eternity' mean?

5 When you go 'deeper into' the Mandelbrot fractal, you are in theory going 'towards infinity'. Where are you going if you 'move out of' the Mandelbrot fractal, away from it, or backwards? Can you go further away from infinity? Are we using the wrong words for this question?

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