Here is a collection of word puzzles to bend your brain! You'll probably need a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a friend to help you... and plenty of time.

Some of the puzzles are about using anagrams. If you are not sure how anagrams work, go to the page which explains them. Click here: Anagrams

Now, get ready to bend your brain, stretch your mind, and expand your vocabulary!

When you've had a go, you can move to the next step: Make your own Brainbenders.


Brianbender 1: 1 TO 5 MAKES 8

Brainbender 2: PIECES OF FOUR

Brainbender 3: A + B = C

Brainbender 4: TRADITIONAL

Brainbender 5: 4 BULL'S EYES

Brainbender 6: REALISATION


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