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Your target is to find words made up of some of the letters on the board. Some are easy, some are... well, find out for yourself.


All words must begin with the letter M.


1.   A friend or companion.

2.   A type of gnat.

3.   An alcoholic drink made with honey.

4.   Television, radio and newspapers.

5.   A prefix meaning altered, changed or behind, beyond.

6.   Verb: to imply. Adjective: ungenerous.

7.   Persian word for ‘wise men’.

8.   A place where coins are made.



All words must begin with the letter T.

1.   To attend to someone's needs.

2.   A prong, as on a fork.

3.   Slight colour.

4.   An organised group of people

5.   Another word for ‘season’ (noun).

6.   Domesticated.

7.      In Roman numerals, it is X.

8.      The cyclic rise and fall of the sea level.



All words must begin with the letter A.


1.   Representative.

2.   Elderly.

3.   ‘So be it.’

4.   Prefix meaning ‘against’.

5.   Prefix meaning ‘before’.

6.   Assistance.

7.   One word meaning ‘in the middle of’

8.   Target, objective.



What are the words made up of all nine letters in each bull's-eye board above?


Bull's Eye 1 answers

Bull's Eye 2 answers

Bull's Eye 3 answers

Bull's Eye 4 answers


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