And here is No. 6

As you know, some letters are more common than others. If you play Scrabble, you get a higher score for the letters that are used less often.

When I was looking for a word for this Brainbender, I wanted a fairly common word containing as many different, common letters as possible. I eventually realised that there is a very good one...


Yes, I know there's a bit of a problem with this word. If you have an automatic spellchecker in your word processor, it will probably want to change it to realization with a z. But both spellings are correct.

How many words of four letters or more can you make from the letters of this word?

Some might be names. Some might be non-English words which are in common use.

Your target? Well, aim for 300.

I have a feeling that this will be a group activity, with several people wracking their brains and hunting for answers in all sorts of places. It could take several days, too.

If you would like a bit of help, here are some crossword puzzles which use over 70 words made from the letters in REALISATION.

Crossword puzzle 1

Crossword puzzle 2

Crossword puzzle 3


My list of words from REALISATION

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