The following passage contains examples of at least one each of the following:





spelling mistake



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Identify each one in this passage and, if it is a mistake, make the appropriate correction.

It was raining cats and dogs as we drove along the freeway. We arrived at the airport at 3 p.m. in the afternoon, well before our flight to Athens was due to depart, so we had time for a cup of coffee. While we were sitting in the restaurant, an annunciation came over the PA system, informing us that our aircraft was ready for boarding. Dad said we must hurry up quickly and finish our drinks.

My little brother Jimmy suddenly looked worried. "But I need to go to the rest room," he pleaded.

"OK, but don't be long", responded Mum, as he rushed away to look for the right door.

"He always forgets," I muttered. "It'll be his fault if we miss the plane."

"Don't worry," Dad reassured me, with a fin on his grace. "He'll be as good as gold once we get on the plane."

We didn't have to worry at all, because there was a long extended wait before we could actually board our plane. Eventually, after going through the departure lounge and showing our passes, we were met by a smiling fright attendant, who showed us where to sit. Jimmy was very excited and marched along like a cat with two tails, but my heart was in my mouth. This was the first time I'd been on a plane.

My confidence was not increased when I watched the steward showing us how to use our safety belts and oxygen masks. This king could thrash, I thought to myself. However, once we were in the air, and well above the clouds, I felt much more relaxed, and began to enjoy the experience.


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