Film Developers


Film Developer 25
A fine-grain film developer that contains metol and a mild silver solvent, sodium metabisulfite.

General Purpose

Kodak D-76 Film Developer
A developer for low contrast and maximum shadow detail.

Divided D-76 Film Developer (Variations)
A developer having great capacity, along with it's variations, long life and consistency in results.

Chris Patton's E-76 Film Developer
An ascorbic acid- phenidone developer similar to Kodak D-76.

FX-19 Film Developer
Formulated as a Phenidone-Hydroquinone version of D-76. Originally formulated by Geoffrey W. Crawley

FX 37 Film Developer
A developer optimized for both T-Max and Delta films. Formulated and disclosed by Geoffrey W. Crawley

Mytol Film Developer (Xtol Substitute)
Paul Lewis suggests this developer can be used as you would packaged Kodak Xtol.


Beutler High Acutance Film Developer (Neofin Blue Formula)
A compensating developer that gives excellent sharpness, medium grain, and low contrast.

FX-1 High Acutance Film Developer
Designed to produce negatives with maximum acutance or sharpness. Originally formulated by Geoffrey W. Crawley

FX-2 High Acutance Film Developer
Formulated to produce negatives with a high degree of sharpness and normal grain with the capability of interesting internal effects. Originally formulated by Geoffrey W. Crawley. FX 2K, a variation, provides more flexibility with enhanced midtones.

Paraminophenol (Rodinal) Film Developer
A P-Aminophenol Hydrochloride film developer for that is economical and excellent for slower speed films (ISO 32-200).


FX-4 Film Developer
Formulated as a substitute for Acufine. Originally formulated by Geoffrey W. Crawley

FX-11 Film Developer
Formulated to give the "fullest possible speed increase with the minimum granularity increase." Originally formulated by Geoffrey W. Crawley

GPQ Liquid Concentrate Film Developer
A glycin- phenidone-hydroquinone formula for T-Max 100, 4x5 sheet film. A liquid concentrate formulated and copyrighted by Paul Raphaelson.


PMK Film Developer
The PMK formula is designed as a universal developer for a wide variety of modern emulsions used under diverse conditions.

Pyrocat-HD is a semi-compensating, high-definition developer, formulated by Sandy King as an alternative to PMK.


Burton 195 Film Developer
A developer for Kodak Technical Pan.

Modified Windisch Film Developer
This super compensating developer works well with Kodak Technical Pan Film. Suggested by Mr. William Troop.

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