Kodak D-76 Film Developer

This developer is good for low contrast and maximum shadow detail.

Chemical Amount Units
Water (125°F/52°C) 750 ml
Metol 2 g
Sodium sulfite (dessic) 100 g
Hydroquinone 5 g
Borax 2 g
Cold water to make 1000 ml

Dilute 1:1 and develop for 7 to 12 minutes at 68°F/20°C (for best results, do not use over 72°F/22°C). Development times using D-76 are available from most film manufacturers.

D-76 may be used undiluted, but there is no advantage in doing so. The negatives, while slightly finer grained, do not exhibit the same degree of sharpness or tonal scale. The "official" published formula for D-76 recommends using 29.0 grams of borax for the accelerator. However, in its packaged developer Eastman Kodak uses Balanced Alkali. If desired, Balanced Alkali may be substituted at the same weight for borax. Development time should be decreased by approximately 15% to compensate for the higher pH.

D-76D uses 8.0g of borax, along with the addition of 8.0g of boric acid. dilute 1:1 for use at 68°f. TMX - 100 - 12 min. TMY - 400 - 12½ min.
D-76H omits the hydroquinone and increases the amount of metol to 2.5 grams. D-76H can be used in the same way as D-76, including development times.

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Revised: May. 19, 2002