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FREE and Confidential Registration

To gain full access to all the features of our freeware programs, you will need to register them. And don't worry about the need to register as the registration process is:

  • very easy to do, and
  • totally confidential (see our Privacy Statement below).

The current freeware programs that require registration are: >Budget Manager, >ExitWin, >Font Viewer and >Home Finance.

Why register?

We have tried making our software totally free without any registration and found that very few people got in touch with us to let us know that they were using them. So now, in order for us to know how "popular" our programs are, we have decided that they must be registered in order for folks to access all their features.

The big advantage with the need to register our programs is that we will take into account how popular they are to determine whether to bring out newer versions with more features or not.

Privacy Statement

Rest assured that the information you send us will be kept in the strictest of confidence, and  will not be made public to anyone... for any reason. Your privacy will be respected...guaranteed!

The e-mail address you provide us with below is only to be used to send you your registration details. Once we have done that, you will not hear from us again in any way, shape or form. In other words, you will receive the one registration e-mail from us and nothing else. We do not support spam, nor have we ever supported spam.


Registration Form


Complete the form below and click the SUBMIT FORM button at the bottom of the form. Note that the boxes with a red border must be filled in, or you will be taken back to this page :-)

Note that if you don't fill in the registration details appropriately, then your registration request may be denied.

Registration Name 
Under what name do you want the program to be registered?

Contact Person
To whom shall we send the registration details?

Title:   First Name:   Last Name:

Please tell us where you live - for possible future developments!

City:   State:    Country:

E-Mail Address
To what e-mail shall we send the registration details?

Contact E-Mail * :  

Alternative E-Mail *:

* Be sure to read our comments at this location before proceeding with your registration as we get too many e-mail addresses that don't work!

Program to Register  
Which program do you want to register?        

Location Where the Program Will Be Used
Please let us know where this program will be used and on what OS - for possible future developments! 

Location:    Details:    Operating System:

Location:    Details:    Operating System:

Where did you hear about this program?
Please let us know where/how you came to know about the program you are registering - for marketing reasons.

Where/How did you hear about this program?   



  • If you find that this application form has not been processed properly, then send us the equivalent information by e-mail (the third party that processes these application forms sometimes has some difficulties),
  • We check our e-mail every second day and process at that time any registration applications that we receive. If you haven't received your registration details within a few days of sending us your application, then send us another email and we will get back to you as soon as we can,
  • Once you have clicked on the SEND button, you should receive an e-mail to say that your registration form has been processed and sent to us. If you do not receive such an e-mail, then check the e-mail address you used in the form above...we often get invalid e-mail addresses in the registration forms sent to us.


Australian Business Number - 16 549 120 373