Are You A Parent Concerned About Your Child's Computer Use And Internet Access?

Discover how this Internet monitoring software and computer monitoring software will help you keep track of exactly what your child does when s/he is using the home computer or accessing the Internet.

Box Cover - Canary Standard - Cattle Ramp Software - Discover how this Internet monitoring software and computer monitoring software will help you keep track of exactly what your child does when s/he is using the home computer or accessing the Internet.
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The Need

One cannot argue that computers and Internet access are finding their way more and more into homes and that children can benefit from this. For example, children can do amazing research on school projects through the Internet, children can create fantastic colour projects using the home computer together with a colour printer, and so on . . .

But it is a reality that these same computers and Internet access can be a source of worry for parents too. For example, parents can be concerned about whether:

  • their child is doing his/her work instead of playing games,
  • their child is chatting online with someone suspicious,
  • their child is accessing inappropriate web sites such as hate sites, suicide sites, drug sites, . . .
  • the influence of a friend is causing their child to visit inappropriate sites such as porn sites,
  • and so on...

There is a hence a real need for concerned parents to monitor how their child is using the home computer, and to monitor their Internet access.

If you are such a concerned parent who is after Internet monitoring software or computer monitoring software then read on as I have some great news for you.

The Answer

>Canary is Internet monitoring software and computer monitoring software which means that it is specifically designed to monitor:

    all your child's computer activities such as: files opened, files printed, programs run, programs installed, files deleted, . . . as well as

    all your child's Internet access such as: web sites visited, emails sent, files downloaded, . . .

Additionally, >Canary will record at what time each activity took place and for how long. So, if your child says that s/he accidentally came across a certain web site and that s/he was only there for a few seconds, you will be able to see if that is true or not. And if your child says that s/he was doing his/her homework between 6-7 pm, you will be able to check on that too.

And since >Canary records all activities performed on a computer, if your child tries to be smart by running, say, MS Word while playing a game, then >Canary will record that and you will see for yourself that, while it is true that MS Word was running, your child was in fact playing a game and not using MS Word.

As you can see, >Canary is a great tool for concerned parents who need to monitor their child's computer use and Internet access. One of the most satisfying emails I received was from parents who used >Canary to check for themselves that their child was not doing anything inappropriate while accessing the Internet, and they related to me how they gained great peace of mind knowing that they had nothing to worry about with their child. Had they not used >Canary, they may not have gained this peace of mind and kept on wondering about their child's use of the Internet.

Don't delay in finding out right now
what your child is doing when s/he is using
the home computer and/or accessing the Internet.

Think of >Canary as a parenting tool to help you
supervise your child when you are not around.

 Order it now for just US$14.95  

Order Canary
FREE Full Version 14 Day Trial 

We have lots of secure ordering options to suit your needs.

On a personal note, >Canary was initially designed for the school environment in the early days of the Internet where there was a need to monitor  students' access to the Internet. The program has since been further developed for the home environment to be used by parents, although >Canary can be used in schools, offices, libraries, . . .

FREE Report

>Canary can also be used as an alternative to the traditional approach of parental control. This means that instead of seeking to restrict your child's use of the home computer and access to the Internet, you will be able to use >Canary to teach your child to make the right decisions and to accept responsibility for his/her actions. The report covers more than 30 vital parenting principles that every parent should know and these principles will not only show you how to use >Canary to teach your child to be responsible, but they will also help you become a better parent in every area of your parenting. Click here to read samples of the >Canary report.

So, if you searching for computer parental control or Internet parental control, then give >Canary + the FREE Report a try.


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Being a parent sometimes is not easy.

>Canary and the FREE report are two resources
designed to help you make your parenting a bit easier.

>Canary, as a parental tool, will help you monitor
your child's computer use and Internet access.

This will help you make sure that your child is always
doing the right thing - whether you are around or not. 

The FREE report contains valuable information that
will help you become a more effective parent. 

 All this is yours for just US$14.95

Order Canary
FREE Full Version 14 Day Trial

>Canary is guaranteed to be spyware free, adware free and malware free.
I have never supported and will never support such software.

International Support

For your information, >Canary has been available since around 1997 and is currently used in more than 70 countries around the world. The reason for its international success is that it can be setup to work with any language. I have made changes to >Canary so that it will now automatically work with any language version of Windows. The only you will need to do, if you want to, is change the text on the interface to your language. This only needs to be done once and is very easy to do.

The other part to its world wide success is that >Canary can be used in other environments than homes. It has successfully been used in schools, government agencies, police stations, armed forces,...

FREE 14 Day Trial Version

In order for you to trial this amazing program FREE of charge and without obligation, you can run >Canary for a full 14 days with all its features enabled. This should give you plenty of time to see for yourself what a great program it is and to decide whether it will meet your needs or not. Of course, at any time during the 14 days, you will be able to order it or to uninstall it.

At the end of the 14 day trial period, you will no longer be able to access the features of >Canary, but you will still be able to order it. And if you find that >Canary is indeed not for you, then you will have a chance of uninstalling it from your computer.

So, you really have nothing to lose by giving >Canary a try and to see for yourself how it monitors the computer use and Internet access of your child.

Download >Canary and see for yourself that it is
a great program that every concerned parent should have
to monitor their child's computer use and Internet access.

You have nothing to lose but the benefits that
using >Canary will bring you - the ability to supervise
your child when you are not around to do so in person.

Download Canary
FREE Full Version 14 Day Trial

Downloading and giving >Canary a try is obligation FREE and risk FREE.
So give it a try, it might just be what you have been looking for.


In order to make it easy for you to use this program, the following features have been included into it:

    you can set it to load automatically whenever Windows is run,

    you can set it to run in "clandestine" mode so as not to alert your child of its presence,

    it does not have an icon on the desktop or in Start (so as to not alert your child of its existence),

    its data files are encrypted so that if your child comes across them, s/he will have no idea what they are,

    it has other security features that I cannot divulge for security reasons,

    it will run automatically in any language version of Windows,

    you can set it to monitor all Internet activity. The Internet activity will be monitored through the following browsers: MS Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla and Firefox. More browsers can be added if you have the need, just get in touch with me as it is very easy to do,

    you can also set it to monitor all computer activity (which will include all Internet activity): files downloaded, files opened, files deleted, files printed, programs run, documents worked on, system applets run (from Control Panel), emails sent, chat programs run, and so on . . . And because it records everything, if your child plays a game while running the word processor, you will know about it and s/he won't be able to trick >Canary!

    it will always record the time when an activity was started (so you will always know when your child did something),

    it will also always record how long the activity took place (so you will always know for how long your child did something),

    you can set it to include in its records the name of the person logged in at the time. This is a very useful feature if your home computer is set up for several users who each need to login in order to be able to use it. This means that from the reports you will always know who did what and no child will be able to say "it wasn't me, it was . . .",

    you can also set it to include the name of the computer used in its records. This is more useful if you have several computers at home and you want to be able to know which report belongs to which computer,

    your data will be displayed in a table (with 4 columns). This will make it very easy for you to view your child's computer and Internet activities,

    each column in the table can be sorted alphabetically (or reverse alphabetically). This will enable you to better study your child's computer use and Internet activity,

    you can set the table to display a grid. This will make it easy for you to read row entries,

    you can select several rows on the table in case you want to focus on specific data entries,

    you can use the "find" command to view just the entries that contain a keyword or a search word of your choice,

    you can delete single or multiple entries from the daily reports,

    you can resize the interface to any size you want. This means that you can make full use of your computer monitor screen size to view the reports, or you can make it smaller to access items on your desktop. >Canary will also "remember" the screen size you have selected so that the next time you access its interface, it will open up at the same size you last used,

    you can use the inbuilt statistical tool to see which activity your child performed the most (or least), or how long s/he spent on it. For example, you might find that your child accessed the Internet 10 times and that s/he spent a total of 2 hours and 34 minutes in total surfing the Internet,

    access to the interface is password protected with the password very securely encrypted before being saved to the registry. This means that you can be sure to be the only one to ever access its reports,

    you can change the password any time you want,

    you can print the reports in case you need tangible proof that your child did something inappropriate on the home computer. You can print the normal data or the statistical data - your choice,

    help is one mouse move away as it has inbuilt help in the form of balloon tips that will popup for 30 seconds once you move your mouse over an item you want information about,

    it uses a very effective method of updating the daily reports on your hard disk so that the demand on your hard is kept to an absolute minimum,

    it has more than 50 skins for you to choose from in case you don't like the default one.

So, if you are after computer monitoring software or Internet monitoring software to monitor your child's use of the home computer or your child's access to the Internet, then >Canary is the program you need. And as explained above, >Canary can be used as alternative to the traditional method of computer parental control, or Internet parental control.

Do not miss out on using this fantastic program as
a parental tool to ensure that your child is doing the right thing when using the home computer and when surfing the Internet.

By using >Canary, you will no longer ask yourself:

"I wonder if s/he is doing his/her homework...",


"I wonder what web sites s/he is accessing
when I am not around",


"I know I can trust him/her but what happens
when s/he is surfing the Internet with his/her friends?",

and so on . . .

 Peace of mind can be yours for only US$14.95  

Order Canary
FREE Full Version 14 Day Trial  

Canary was initially designed by a teacher for the school environment in order to monitor students' access to the Internet. It has since been further developed for the home environment as a parental tool.


At the moment, >Canary:

    works under Windows 98, ME and XP (admin mode), Vista (admin mode), Windows 7 (admin mode and compatibility mode),

    requires about 1 MB of hard disk space,

    can be easily uninstalled if you find that the program does not meet your needs.


Click here to download the latest obligation FREE 14 day full trial version of >Canary and see for yourself how >Canary will help you monitor your child's use of the home computer and what web sites s/he accesses while on the Internet.

Download Canary

By downloading this program, you do not place yourself under any obligation whatever. I don't even ask for your email address before you can download it, as some web sites do. If you find that >Canary does not meet your needs, then you can easily uninstall it. So you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

Prices and Order

As mentioned above, for the price of US$14.95, you will get:

    the full version of >Canary Standard which will enable you to know exactly what your child has been doing while using the home computer and while surfing the Internet,

    my FREE Report on how you can use >Canary as an alternative to the traditional method of parental control. My FREE Report is in itself a gold mine of worthwhile parenting tips that apply not just to using >Canary with your child but to parenting in general. A very worthwhile article!

canary box - internet monitoring software,computer monitoring software,computer parental control,internet parental control,internet access monitor,internet monitoring,computer monitoring,cattle ramp software    +  FREE    canary-report-box-small.gif

>Canary is a "must have" parental tool that will enable you
to know when your child is accessing web sites of concern
such as pornography, suicide, drugs, bomb making,
self-harm, hate sites, extremist sites, . . .

And this will enable you to address these issues with your child hence fulfilling your role as a parent who wants
what is best for his/her child.

>Canary will help you to be there for your child.

 Only US$14.95  

Order Canary
FREE Full Version 14 Day Trial 

 I can offer you this fantastic product for the low price stated because all my sales are conducted over the Internet, and as such I have very little overhead costs to worry about. And low overhead costs means cheaper prices for you.

For your convenience, your order does not have to be in US$ and you do not need a credit card to place an order:

    you can order this program in a variety of currencies (including Euros, Yen, Sterling Pounds, . . .), and

    you can place your order by phone, fax, mail, cheque/check, Money Order, . . .

And given that >Canary comes with a 30 day money back guarantee - no questions asked, you really have nothing to lose. You even get to keep the FREE >Canary Report and the FREE password generating program! More information is available on the order page which you can access by clicking here. Canary is spyware, adware and virus free.

Virus and Spyware FREE

I have taken all appropriate steps to ensure that this program is virus, adware and spyware free. I continually run Norton Antivirus with the latest anti-virus definition file to make sure that I am as up-to-date as I can be with virus protection. And none of my programs contain any adware or spyware code or programs. I have never supported adware or spyware programs nor will I ever support such programs in the future.


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