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Unfortunately, we do live in a world where there are many needs. And sometimes, the simplest of actions can help someone else in need. Consider the time when a single kind word from someone made you feel better!

I have listed below ways I personally use to make a small difference in someone else's life. Perhaps you can likewise help too...if you want to of course! If we all help a little bit, then together we can help a big bit.


Believe it or not...

A daily click is all that is needed to help these causes.

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Each day, I try to click on each of the links above...
it's not that hard to do and yet it will help these worthwhile causes. 

Please consider sponsoring a child

It's not that expensive and your help will make a huge difference to one child in need.


I am now up to my second child as the first one grew up and can now manage on his own.

My first child was a young boy in Kenya. Now I have a young girl (also in Kenya). I get regular updates on how she is going, and I get to send her letters to which she always replies.

The sponsorship money is regularly taken out of my bank account once a month. So, once the sponsorship is set up, there is nothing left for me to do except to correspond with my sponsored child as frequently or as infrequently as I like.


Australian Business Number - 16 549 120 373