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Who I am

My name is Serge M Botans and I live in Melbourne, Australia (I'm the older one in the photo - the younger one is my daughter!).

Cattle Ramp Software - photo of my daughter and myself

My background

I started writing computer programs when, being the computer technician as well as a teacher at my old school, there was a need to write a dos menu that would stop the students from accessing the dos prompt to do all the naughty stuff that kids sometimes like to do. The menu I wrote was extremely successful and no student managed to have access to the dos prompt once I had installed the menu program on the school's computers.

The Internet then became popular and I saw a need to write another program that would monitor how the Internet was used by our students. I called this program >Canary and it is now available at my web site.

I then went on to write more programs, each for a different reason:
- >ExitWin was written because a friend needed a program that could shutdown his computer at whatever time he wanted,
- >E-Diary Gold was written because I needed a diary/journal at the time and I thought that it would be just as easy to write my own as to look for a good one,
- and so on...

Drawing done by my daughter
of me working on my computer. 

Computer Programming Language

I use a computer program called Visual DialogScript (VDS) to write all my programs. VDS is a great language to learn and to use - a kind of simple version of Visual Basic. VDS has a small group of very dedicated users who have written a wide range of programs.

You can find out more about it at Also visit VDSWorld where you will find additional resources that extend the capabilities of VDS, sample files, a forum of very dedicated VDS programmers who will answer all your questions, and more!

And yes, I do have an ABN (for Australian customers) - see the bottom of my homepage!


Australian Business Number - 16 549 120 373