60's Anime

Frank is a good mate of mine and lives in MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA.
He has an NTSC/PAL converter to do tapes and has DVD facilities.
He has all the classic anime including Amazing 3, Prince Planet, 8th Man, Phantoma, Astroboy, Gigantor, Kimba and More.
He also has a large range of old TV shows
He is very reliable 
Check out his tape page

This person lives in FLORIDA in the U.S.and has a PAL/NTSC converter
Astroboy B/W (Lost episodes included) and Colour Astroboy (English)
Gigantor B/W  and New Gigantor in Colour (English)
Kimba The White Lion 
Eighth Man B/W (Japanese and English)
Live Action Eighth Man (Rare)  English dubbed in U.S, Translation by Carl Macek
Speed Racer (The Original) with original commercials as they appeared on TV (English)
Prince Planet B/W (English)
Marine Boy (English - Colour) All 77 episodes
Amazing 3 B/W (English)
Phantoma/ Ogon Bat (Japanese)
Princess Knight (English - Colour)
The Samurai (English, Original 60's live Action classic)

For indexes and details write to TanakaTerry@hotmail.com  
Terry Tanaka's Trade Site http://www.angelfire.com/fl/Subarashi/index.html

This person lives in INDIANA in the U.S. and  has a huge range of  classic anime plus many other shows
He is a collector of 16mm prints and has old anime including PRINCE PLANET, 8TH MAN, ASTROBOY, MARINE BOY, KUM KUM ETC
He has dvd  and 16mm print to video facilities
Check out the link below.  

WOW Video- Thousands of tapes including Cartoons, Anime, Movie Serials, Documentary Films, Sci Fi films, Westerns, Horror, Elvis Presley Films And Specials, Fantasy Films, Comedy, Martial Arts, Live Action, Pro Wrestling, Adventure, Drama And Mystery and much more

HENSHIN ONLINE - Links to classic Japanese live action and anime dvds and videos such as King Kong, Kamen Rider, Godzilla, Ultraman, Toho Films etc etc



Blue Dog Posters And Prints

Johnny Sokko, Ultraman, Ultra-Q, Ultra-7, Zone Fighter as well as rare and vintage horror and cult films, tv series and lots more


The Right Stuf
They sell the animefollowing videos and dvds in NTSC format 
Go the the Right Stuf

(From Amazon books)
The Complete Anime Guide by Trish Ledoux and Doug Ranney
Has information and pics on Gigantor, Prince Planet, Astroboy, Kimba, 8th man, Marine Boy as well as a guide to all of the anime videoes available to the present. Cost $14. A great book!!!!!!!!

(From Amazon on line - www.amazon.com)
The official 30th Anniversary Guide to Speed Racer
Loaded with great pics and interviews with everybody associated. Written by Elizabeth Moran (email - emoran@primenet.com)

(From Animenation)
Tatsunoko Pro. Anime Super Data File
160 page book in Japanese with beautiful pics of all the Tatsunoko series.  Cost $23.95

Based in Melbourne, Australia and sell anime by mail order, including models, toys and videos of  Astroboy, Pokemon, Gundam, Godzilla, Macross, Evangelion, Patlabor and more!
Go to Animezone


If you are interested in anime, you have just found yourself a cool spot. All your favourite anime related products from all your favourite titles, from DVDs to Wall Scrolls, Ai Yori Aoshi to Yukikaze. Apart from a huge selection of anime titles, we offer low prices and friendly customer service all year round. Here at AboveAllAnime, we take that extra effort to help you get what you want.


TANOSHI ANIME     Tanoshi Anime is an Australian Anime Site which strives to provide aussie anime fans with all the latest anime news, comprehensive reviews, an opportunity to display their artwork in the fanart section, discussion boards or forums, cheap dvds at the shop and much more

249 Elizabeth St Melbourne Australia 3000
Phone (03 9642 5455)

They sell the 2 Prince Planet photos, Tobor photo, and Gigantor photo (playing cards) on my web page blown up and professionally framed for $75. They look fantastic. They also have 2 framed posters of Kimba The White Lion titled ‘Jungle Tatei’ for $75. They specialise in signed cels.

Toon Tunes - has the Gigantor theme song and speed racer as well as the theme songs from cartoons from Popeye in the 1930’s to the present
Available from Rhino records www.rhino.com

30 Years of Fantastic TV toons 1960 - 1990 - has the theme song of Prince Planet and Speed Racer as well as the theme songs from a range of other cartoons made in the last 30 years.
Was available through Concept Records but is no longer available except in 2nd hand shops if you’re lucky.

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