TAPE TRADING - Email me if you want to be listed
Hoshiyama's Trade List Site (you've got to see it to believe it!)
Aji Baba's Tape List (60's anime including Prince Planet, Phantoma, Kimba etc)
Spritles Old School Anime (60's, 70's, 80's anime)
Merlin's Anime Trade Centre
CRT's Anime Distribution
Coolstuff Videos (John Wells who has a huge range of cartoons)
Catnips Cartoons (Huge list of cartoons and anime from the 60's to the present)
The Cartoon and Art Cave (Japanese and American Cartoons)
USF Video Collectibles www.usfvideocollectibles.com  - GIGANTOR (Several Episodes in Good to Excellent quality) ULTRAMAN (1967-All 39 Episodes, The last 7 with the original Japanese opening, but dubbed in English) All the GODZILLA & GAMERA movies made (Dubbed & Subtitled) ZONE FIGHTER (All 26 Episodes in Japanese) ULTRAMAN DYNA (Episodes 1-20 in Original Japanese) ULTRAMAN TIGA (Episodes 1-20 in Original Japanese) SAILOR MOON (60 something episodes in English) DRAGONBALL Z (Numerous English Dubbed episodes).  If buying $10 per tape
Karswells Japanese Video Trade List (Huge list of pre 80's Japanese animation, live action and American Cartoons) 



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