YEAR                      SHOW

Sept. 1962                  Dr. Osamu Tezuka founds Mushi Productions.
January 1963              Tetsuwan Atom ("Mighty Atom "Astro Boy")
October 1963             Tetsujin 28-go ("Iron Man 28" or "Gigantor")
November 1963         Eight Man ("8th Man")
January 1965              Jetter Mars ("Super Jetter")
May 1965                   Uchu Ace ("Space Ace")
June 1965                   W 3 ("Wonder Three" or "Amazing 3")
June 1965                  Yusei Shonen Papi ("Planet Boy Papi" or "Prince Planet")
October 1965          Jungle Taitei ("Jungle Emperor" or "Kimba, The White Lion")
October 1966             Jungle Taitei Susume Leo ! ("Jungle Emperor: Leo the Lion")
October 1966           Kaitei Shonen Marine ("The Sea Bottom Boy Marine"
April 1967                  Ogon Bat / Phantoma ("Golden Bat")
April 1967                   Ribon No Kishi ("Knight in Ribbons" or "Princess Knight")
April 1967               Mach Go Go Go ("Speed Racer")
April 1969                   Kurenai Sanshiro ("Scarlet Sanshiro" or "Judo Boy")


1928 - Osamu Tezuka born, Japan
1947 - Tezuka publishes New Treasure Island comic, sells
           400,000  copies.
1951 - ‘Tetsuwan Atom’ makes his first appearance in 1951, soon he becomes ‘Astro Boy’ and Tezuka continues to create every single Astro Boy comic story for 21 years. 1960's - Astro Boy is animated and shown on Fuji television, in black and white. 193 episodes are produced, and the
broadcast ends in 1966.
1965 - Astro Boy commences transmission in Australia on the Nine Network, this concludes in 1971.
1980 - A new colour version of Astro Boy is created and airs on Australia’s ABC  Network 1982
1990 - Osamu Tezuka dies of a gall stone infection in Osaka, Honshu, Japan, after having created 150,000 pages of manga comic art and 60 animations.
1990-97 - Astro Boy remains a strong and resonant image in popular culture, appearing on pepper shakers, key rings, t-shirts, bags and a myriad of other fashion accessories.
1997 - Siren Entertainment become the very first company in the world to bring Astro Boy to a home video market, outside the United States.

Osamu Tezuka’s message
What I try to appeal through my works is simple. The opinion is just a simple message that follows: "Love all the creatures!  Love everything that has life"! I have been trying to express this
message in every one of my works. Though it has taken the different forms like "the presentation of nature" "the blessing of life" "the suspicion on too much science oriented civilisation" anti war and so on.

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