Gazula (In English)
Phantoma (In English)
Space Ace (In English)
Episodes that I do not have or upgrades on The Amazing 3,


THE AMAZING 3 (18 episodes - English - mostly good - 3 episodes in Japanese )
The autopictograph (good)
The mexican bandits (good)
The Phoenix Agent (good)
Doomsday (good)
The Disease causing Bacteria (good)
Kenny Saves The Phoenix Agency (good)
The Fake, Mama, Poppa and Kenny! (good)
Zoo in a Skyscraper (Mr. Kindly's Zoo) (good)
Camphor Tree Story (Mr Jowly's Amusement Park) (good)
The Haunted House (Saving Melinda) (good)
Duel in North Valley (Kenny and Bonnie Run Away) (good)
Geronimo (good)
King Rats (good)
The Mole Plan (good)
The Circus (good)
The Mummy (good)
Mr Power (fair)
The Golden Whale (poor)
Episode 1, 4 and 10 in Japanese (good) 

ASTROBOY (88 original episodes in English B/W) Can only fit 6 episodes in Pal or 4 in NTSC as they run for 27mins on average (very good)
The Birth of Astroboy
The Monster Machine
The Terrible Time Gun
1 Million Mammoth Snails
Vampire Vale
The Phoenix Bird
Funnel to the Future
Cleopatra’s Heart
Mystery of the Metal Men
The Robot Olympics
Mission to the Middle of the World
Gangor, the Monster
The Magic Punch Card
The Great Rocket Robbery
Brother Jetto
Dogma Palace
Shipwreck in Space
Gift of Zeo
General Astro
The Vikings
The Deadly Flies
Astroboy Goes To School
The Hooligan Whodunnit
Return of Cleopatra
Inca Gold Fever
Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
The Snow Lion
Silver Comet
Dolphins In Distress
The Wonderful XMAS Present
The 3 Robotiers
Angel of the Alps
Super Brain
Mystery of the Amless Dam
The Mad Beltway
Hullabaloo Land

Rare Astroboys (English - very good)
Westward Ha
The Clocktown Mystery
Don Tay's Infernal Machine
Dangerous Mission
Jungle Mystery
The Sphinx
The Pearl Men
Haunted Ship
Strange Voyage
Terrible Tidal Wave
Dinosaur Dilemma
Uncharted World
Contest In Space
Devil Doll
Man Made Iceberg
The Space Princess

Rare Astroboys (English -  Good Plus)
Prisoners In Space
Double Trouble
Terrible space Man
Expedition To Mars
The Strange Birthday Present

Rare Astroboys (English - Good)
Attack From Space aka Beamo - colour tinted
The Flower Monster
Big Titan
The Dream Machine
The Mighty Microbe Army
A Deep Deep Secret
Menace From Mercury
Planet 13

3 Magicians
Kingdom Of The Sea
Wacky Machine
Last Days Of Planet Earth
The Wacky Machine
The Asteroid Menace
Mysterious Cosmic Rays
Sea Serpent Isle
Cross Island
A Mighty Minute
The Pearl People
Satellite R-45
The Time Machine
Secret Agent 3-Z
Zero The Invisible Robot
The Spirit Machine
Horrible King Horrid
Super Duper Robot
Artificial Sun
The Deep Freeze

Astroboys (Japanese - excellent - 23 episodes plus Goodbye 1963 special)
Goodbye '1963' c
ontains rare behind the scenes footage of studio showing the making of Astroboy.  Also shows an alternate opening and closing of Astroboy - 25mins
The Long-Nosed Goblin Of Kurama (#188)
The Movie Studio Riot (#189)
The Miracle Of Mesotamia (#190)
The Residence Of Medusa (#192)
The Earth's Greatest Adventure
(#193)(Very last episode showing the  death of Astroboy - on a rocket towards the sun to save the planet Earth )
The Mad Beltway
The Terrible Time Gun
Mighty Microbe Army
The Robot Olympics
The Hot Dog Army Corp
Atom All Alone
The Robot Bombs
The Red Wood Horse
The Blue Bird Story
Mysterious Cosmic Rays
Deadline To Danger
The Information From The Future
The Three Robotiers
Angel Of The Alps
The Cosmic Giant
Galoem From Galaxy G
The Earths Defence Force (aka The Moon Monsters) This is an original COLOUR episode - good quality
Final Day Of Earth - Original colour tinted episode - good quality
Good Bye  '1963'   #53  contains rare behind the scenes footage of studio showing the making of Astroboy- excellent in Japanes

ASTROBOY LIVE ACTION PILOT MOVIE (Good quality, in Japanese)

GIGANTOR (52 episodes in English - very good / excellent)
The deadly stingray 
Danger's dinosaurs 
Will the real gigantor stand up 
Monster Magnet 
Battle Of The Giant Robots 
10,000 Gigantors 
The Plot To Seize Gigantor
Gigantor Who?
The Robot Olympics
The Crossbones Caper
The Gypsy Spaceship
The City Smashers
Magnaman Of Outer Space
Battle Of The Robot Giants
Gigantor And The Desert Fire
The Evil Robot Brain
The Desert Fire 
Robot Firebird 
Return Of Magnaman 
Vanishing Mountain 
The Insect Monsters 
Ransom At Point X
Struggle at the south pole
Battle at the bottom of the world
Sting of the spider
Return of the spider
Spider’s revenge
Secret valley (also Japanese episode)
The diamond smugglers
Dangerous Dr. Diamond
Force Of Terror
World in Danger
Badge of Danger
The Smoke Robots
The Freezing Ray
The Magic Multiplier
The Submarine Base
Treasure Mountain
The Mystery Missile
The Giant Cobra
The Great Hunt

GIGANTOR Live Action Series (TETSUJIN 28) # 7,8,9 (1960's Japanese)

THE NEW GIGANTOR - (20 English Episodes all in colour - very good)

JOHNNY CYPHER IN DIMENSION ZERO  1968 - 20 episodes all In English - very good/excellent
The Moth Men
The Dyre Moth
Monster Of The Mists
No More Dimension Zero (Last episode)
The Deadly Beams
The Man Duplication
The Giant Robot
The Mysterious Meteorites
Johnny's Twin
plus some others

JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT (English - live action -26 episodes and the pilot movie in good quality)
The Pilot Movie - "Voyage into Space" (compilation of scenes from episode 1 through to the last episode)
Dracolon, The Great Sea Monster #1
Nucleon, The Magic Globe #2
Gargoyle Vine, A Space Plant #3
Monster Ligon - Tyrox, A Starnge Monster #4
The Giant Claw #5
Dragon, The Ninja Monster #6
Scanlon, The Starfish Monster #7
Challenge Of The Two Headed Monster #8
Tentaclon- An Electric Monster #9
The Transformed Humans #10

The Terrifying Sand Creature #11
Amberon the Synthetic Monster #12
Opticorn Must be Destroyed #13
The Monsterous Flying Jawbone #14
Igganog, the Iceberg monster #15
Torozonn, an enemy robot #16
Destroy the Dam #17
A Mysterious Enemy Agent #18
Metron, The Mysterious spaceman #19
Captured by the Radion Globe #20

The Terrifying Space Mummy #21
The Robot Called Cleopatra #22
Dr.Engali, MAster Of Evil #23
Hydrazona, A Terryfying Bacteria #24
Drakulan, Creature Of Doom #25
The Last Emperor Guillotine #26

KEN THE WOLF BOY B/W 1963 - one episode in English
Scared By A Ghost

KIMBA (All 52 episodes original - English - very good)
1 Go White Lion /1
2 The Wind in the Desert /8
3 Battle at Dead River /10
4 Volcano Island /22
5 Jungle Thief /2
6 Insect Invasion /9
7 Great Caesar's Ghost /4
8 Dangerous Journey /3
9 A Human Friend /14
10 The Troublemaker /26
11 The Balloon that Blows Up /47
12 Journey Into Time /5
13 Restaurant Trouble /6
14 Running Wild /24
15 The Cobweb Caper /50
16 A Friend Indeed /38
17 The Bad Baboon /7
18 The Trappers /18
19 The Hunting Ground /19
20 Diamonds in the Gruff /34
21 Too Many Elephants /30
22 Catch 'Em If You Can /52
23 The Nightmare Narcissus /31
24 The Gigantic Grasshopper /27
25 The Revolting Development /36
26 The Runaway /35
27 Such Sweet Sorrow /33
28 The Wild Wildcat /15
29 The Return of Fancy Prancy /51
30 The Mystery of the Deserted Village /28
31 Soldier of Fortune /40
32 Legend of Hippo Valley /20
33 Adventure in the City /32
34 The Chameleon Who Cried Wolf /12
35 Silvertail the Renegade /37
36 Fair Game /46
37 Jungle Fun /43
38 The Pretenders /44
39 The Sun Tree /49
40 Two Hearts and Two Minds /39
41 Monster of the Mountain /48
42 Monster of Petrified Valley /45
43 The Day the Sun Went Out /41
44 The Red Menace /42
45 Jungle Justice /29
46 Gypsy's Purple Potion /13
47 Scrambled Eggs /11
48 The Magic Serpent /21
49 The Flying Tiger /23
50 City of Gold /16
51 The Last Poacher /17
52 Destroyers from the Desert /25

Episodes 1to 11 in english and the first 4 episodes in Japanese with fan subs.
#1 Pilot
#2 Friends
#3 The Homeland
#4 Courage
#5 The Invaders
#6 The Warning
#7 Flash Flood
#8 Freedom
#9 The LAw Of The Jungle
#10 The Red Wings
#11 The Prophesy

KIMBA - JUNGLE EMPORER - The Death Of Kimba - movie subtitled in English


KING KONG ( 4 Colour episodes 1967 - English - Very Good)
The Treasure Trap
The Horror Of Mondo Island
The Hunter
The Space Men

King Kong / Tom T.H.U.M.B (English - one complete 3 part excellent quality episode)
Under The Volcano (King Kong)
The Treasure Trap (King Kong)
For the last time feller, I'm not bait (Tom of T.H.U.M.B.)

King Kong / Tom T.H.U.M.B (fair quality but still watchable)

King Kong
The Jinx of the sphinx
reen eyed Monster
Top of the world
The golden temple
The electric circle
Mirror of destruction
Tiger Tiger
The vice of Dr Who
King Kong House

Tom Thumb
Cool nerves and steady hands
All guys from outer space are creeps
Mechanical grandma
The day we almost had it
Tom makes history

LEO THE LION (8 episodes in English - excellent)
The First Adventure
The Blue Lion
Leo Becomes A Father
The Golden Bow
Map of Danger
The Mighty Gorilla
Case Of The Moonlight Stone
The Sabretooth Tiger
Plus 4 fair quality episodes

Mad Mad Mad Monsters - English
Late 60's early 70's cartoon feature based on the Rankin Bass stop-motion classic Mad Monster Party. It runs about 45 minutes long, it's a Rankin Bass production but all the animating was done by Mushi Studio's in Japan.

Mad Monster Party - English
Puppets with the voices of Boris Karloff and Phylis Diller. Mad Mad Mad Monsters was based on this.

MARINE BOY (All  77 episodes in English - very good to excellent, episode titles in order from episode 1 to 77 ) 
Danger At 300 Fathoms
Monsters Of The Deep
The Green Monster
Dangerous Starfish
Deepest Of The Deep
The Ghost Ship
The Super Mystery Boat
Disaster On The High Sea
Secret Of The Time Capsule
Danger In The Depths
The Gigantic Sea Farm
The Astounding Shellfish
The Mysterious Paradise
The Monstrous Seaweed
Menace Of The Missing Bomb
Mystery Of The Missing Vessels
The Greatest Power On Earth
Terror Of The Fireball
Empire Of The Sea
Battle To Save The World
The Terrifying Icebergs
The Whales Of Destruction
The Power Of Power
5 Billion In Diamonds
Mission At Corkscrew Strait
Lighthouse Of Terror
The Invincible Force
Riddle Of The Vanishing Frogmen
Panic In The Pacific
24 Hours To Doom
Attack Of The Robot Spiders
The Great Bomb Robbery
Operation Deep Deep
The Stolen Island
Underwater Underworld
Rustlers Of The Deep
Raid Of The Robot Robbers
Attack Of The Robot Sharks
The Monster Search
The Well Hidden Plan
Flimflam On The High Seas
The Dragon Of The Sea
Piracy Under The Sea
The Super Brain Capers
Great Underwater Train Robbery
The Genius Dolphin
The Nuclear Pirates
The Phoney Patrolmen
Saga Of The Undersea Lion
The Mini Microwave
The Ultra Freezer Freeze
The Tubsub Tanker Sub
The Tremendous Tremendo
The Ghosts Of Spook Island
The Ghost Of Destruction
The Whale Blows Rainbows
The Great Plankton Menace
Showdown At Sea
The Precious Robot
Fight For The Rocket
Red Menace
Invincible Robots
Island Of Treasure
Thieves Of The Deep
The Wild Monster Plants
The Vanishing Vessel
Challenges Of The Pirates
Land Of The Strange Vikings
Attack Of The Icebergs
The Deadly Tank
Avenger Of The Sea
The Desperate Search
The Secret Of The Golden Seaweed
The Fantastic Flash
The Stormy Brainstorm
The Gillmen
The Great Sea Escape

MARINE BOY  (20 episodes in Japanese - good)

PHANTOM AGENTS (2 episodes in english, 5 episodes in japanese)
The Japanese boxed set of Phantom Agents (Ninja Butai Gekko) has the first half of part 1 of Operation Balloon Dynamite on disc 1 and the second half of that episode on disc 2"in ENGLISH with opening and closing English credits.  

PHANTOMA / OGON BAT / GOLDEN BAT ( All Colour 1967 -  12 episodes in Japanese - very good /excellent  plus all 52 episodes in Italian - very good/excellent, 2 Episodes in Portugese - Poor)

Phantoma - Japanese
#1 The Secret Of Atlantis 
# 2 Ice Terror
# 3 Slavery
#4 The Giant Robot
# 5 Man-Eating Plants
#6 Mysterious Melons
#7 The African Mystery
#8 The Space Monster
#25 Invasion Of Robots
# 31 The Ghost
# 32 Desert Of Death
   plus 2 episodes in Portugese (poor)

Phantoma - Italian all 52 episodes.  No english ones found!
1) The Secret Of Atlantis
2) Ice Terror
3) Slavery
4) The Giant Robot
5) Man Eating Plants
6) Mysterious Melons
7) The African Mystery
8) The Space Monster
9) The Golden Worm
10) The Battle Of Uranus Island
11) The Egptian Treasure
12) The Mystery Of The Exhilirating Mushrooms
13) The Snow Woman
14) The Black Cat
15) The Flying Saucer
16) Ghilton, The Man Of Stone
17) Galgar The Monster
18) Titan The Terrible
19) Doctor Death
20) The Magic Pearl
21) The Blue Flame
22) The Dragon Stone
23) The Black MAsk
24) The Atomic Pearl
25) Invasion Of Robots
26) The Deadly Rays
27) The Trap
280 The Ghost Woman
29) The Space Bat
30) The Robot Olympics
31) The Ghost
32) Desert Of Death
33) The Invisible Monster
34) The Hands Of Death
35) The Monster Of The Volcano
36) The Factory Of Volcanoes
37) The Sea Monster
38) Island Of Terror
39) The Deadly Jungle
40) The Cursed Cloud
41) The The Secret Of Diamond
42) The Witch
43) The Cyclops
44) The Lion Man
45) The Trainer Of Monsters
46) The Witch And The Monster
47) The Ambush
48) The Society Of Assassins
49) Mysterious Vampire Men
50) The Circus Of Monsters
51) The Kidnapping Of Terry
52) The End Of Dr Zero

PHANTOMA / OGON BAT / GOLDEN BAT LIVE ACTION MOVIE ( Japanese in B/W 1966 - very good)

PRINCE PLANET (52 episodes, 51 in English) good/very good/excellent
Most  are direct from 16mm print or first generation copies of tapes from 16mm print. Please note that some very goods may be slightly better quality than other very good's

1.  The Boy From Radion (A Boy From Outer Space)
2. Enter Dan Dynamo (Giant on the Matters)
3. The Formidable Rival
4. The Arabian Magician
5.The flying jellyfish
6. Dinosaur Men
7. A Big Showdown
8. Robot Island
9. The Giant Lizard ( Warlock : Genius Of Evil, The Overgrown Lizard)
10.Shaberia The Vicious Vegetable ( Icecream Island)
11. The Dream Machine (,Fancy Machine)
12. The Black Cat Gang ( S.O.S. Global)
13. The Gold Picker
14. The Atomic Termites (Attack of the Radioactive Ants)
15. Elementis (The Great Space War)
16. The Paralysis Bandits (The Star in Memory)
17. The Space Zoo
18. The Stolen Mount Fuji
19. Captain Kidd
20. Planet Of Terror
22. Good-Bye Saturnian
23. The Earth Zero Hour
24. The Ghost Space Ship
25. Battle on a Desert Island
26. Secret Under The Sea
27. The Rocket Pilot
28. Superio The Mutation (Gaist The Devilfish)
29. The Gift From Prince Planet
30. Krag the Formidable Foe (Gollen The Formidable Foe)
Introduction of Krag! (This episode contains all the main characters - Krag, Warlock, Ajibaba, Dan Dynamo, Prince Planet/Bobby, Diana)
31. The Pollen Bomb 
32.Operation Rico (Operation Diana)
33. Rico, the Great Detective ( Diana The Great Detective)
34. A Spy From the Necro
35. Find Diana Worthy (The Demon Scientist)
36. The Young Spies
37. Pollo The Secret Agent (Alan The Secret Agent / The Space Station)
38. The Magic Glove
39. The Robot Prince
40. Diana's Adventure (Rico's Adventure)
41. The Lion in the Desert
43. The Horror of a Snowman
44. Revenge in the Valley
45. The Comet Missile
46. Mystery Of A Mummy
47.The Mystery Of Organ
48. Horror At 10:10PM
49. The Birdman Racket (Wings Of Good Fortune)
50. The Invasion Of King Caustic (Secret Path into the Earth)
51. Warlocks Last Battle (Ajababa's Grandchildren)
52.  The End Of Krag (The Star at Home)

#5 The Flying Jelly Fish
#6 Dinosaur Men
#7 A Big Showdown
#8 Robot Island

#42 Crisis on the Earth

PRINCE PLANET -  2 Scripts From Copri International where the dubbing was done
#29 The Gift - Prince Planet meets the evil Simmions from the planet Simmiona who trap Prince Planet and his friends in an adhesive called elastic plastic

#34 A Spy From The Necro - Prince Planet meets the terrifying Frigina - a weird witch and an emissary of Krag from the planet Kragmire.   Prince Planet must overcome the siren song of Frigina - the chant that hypnotizes Prince Planet and his friends to sleep.

PRINCESS KNIGHT (ENGLISH - very good all in colour)
Choppy and the princess movie (90mins)
The Magic Herb
The Poison Dart
The Egyptian Adventure
Magic Mirror
The Princess And The Beggar
The Sandman
The Swan
The Flying Horse
Princess Knight (episode 1)
The Phantom Ship
The Magic Pen
Rose CastleSilverland Castle (... Introducing Prince Frank)
Sea Kingdom
The Puppet Show
Queen Icicle pts 1,2,3,4 (4 episodes)
Three Wishes
The Greedy Ghost
The Silver Ship
The Magic Cookies
Magic Spell (parts 1 and 2)
Captain Blood And The Invasion Of Silverland (parts 1 and 2)

HE SAMURAI 1960's live action ( 20 episodes in English - excellent) 
The man from Edo (VERY FIRST EPISODE)
Touch Of Death
The Magic Bell (from The New Samurai)
The Master Ninja
Poison Dart
Living Death
The Spider
Musai’s curse
Plus others with more coming

All 52 Episodes in English - good quality
Also first 3 episodes of Ambassador Magma - My Name Is Goa, The Gold Giant, Silent Invasion (animated Space Giants) - excellent

SPEED RACER (English - very good / excellent)
Speed Racer the movie plus other episodes taped off Cable TV

SPACE ACE (first 4 episodes B/W - excellent quality but in Japanese)

SPECTREMAN (4 Episodes in English - Good)

TOBOR THE 8TH MAN (45 episodes - good/very good / excellent - english, 4 episodes in Japanese)
THE STORY OF HOW 8TH MAN CAME TO BE episode 1(extremely rare)
THE MONSTER BIRD (extremely rare)
THE LIVING STATUE (extremely rare)
THE NUCLEAR WITCH (extremely rare)
SAMANTHA 7 (EIGHTH MAN'S SISTER) (extremely rare)
THE LIGHT THAT BURNED (extremely rare)
THE RACING ROCKETS (extremely rare)
THE THUNDER MAKER (extremely rare)
THE SILENT JETS (extremely rare)
THE MISGUIDED MACHINE (extremely rare)
7 DAYS OF TERROR (extremely rare)
COUNTDOWN TO ZERO (extremely rare)
The Monsterous Eeler (narrated version- rare)
The Solar Satellite
Rascal Fish and his Pirate Sub
The Armoured Man
The Electric Tyrant
Bat Masters and his Robot Bats
Battle of the Brothers
The Monstrous Eeler
Dr Spectra
Dr Spectra Narrated Versio
Evil Jaw and the Devil Germs
Baron Stormy
Attack of the Horrible Honey Bees
Pounce the Robot Tiger
The Atomic Ghost
The Gold Beetle of the Orientia
Return of Napoleon Bonaparte
Target 8th Man
The Passenger Rocket Adventure
The Threat of Disaster
The Beligerant Bodyguard
The Freezing Ray
Cruel Clown
Elevator Trap
Savage Fish 
Countdown To Zero (Japanese)
The Steel Salamander (Japanese)
Super Mankind Mutants pt1
Super Mankind Mutants pt2

8TH MAN LIVE ACTION ( English - colour - good)
The motion picture

ULTRAMAN (first 5 episodes in English - Very Good)

ULTRASEVEN (5 episodes in English and the first 8 in Japanese - Good)

UNICO IN THE ISLAND OF MAGIC - very good quality
UNICO PILOT - Japanese - very good
OSAMU TEZUKA STORY (animated)- Japanese -Excellent
ALAKAZAM THE GREAT ( 1961) very good
JUMPING 1984 (excellent)
BROKEN DOWN FILM (excellent)
VAMPIRE (combination of live action and animation of the 60's in Japanese) very good
DORORO (60's In Japanese) fair quality
TRITON OF THE SEA (1972 in Japanese) excellent
LEGEND OF THE FOREST (with subs) excellent
BAGI (with subs) excellent
BLACKJACK OVAS 1,2,3,4,5,6 (english)excellent
BLACKJACK THE MOVIE (english)excellent
PHOENIX 2772 (english) excellent
CLEOPATRA (some nudity in JApanese)
JETTER MARS first episode in Japanese - Good
Hi No Tori" film in Japanese 60 minutes - Space And Karma - very good
Goodbye '1963' contains rare behind the scenes footage of studio showing the making of Astroboy- excellent in Japanes
1001 Nights 1969 Japanese

JAPANESE SHOWS OF THE 70's and 80's and 90's- all English dubbed
Akazukun Chacha - subbed
Astroboy Colour
Battle Athletes Victory
Battle Of The Planets
Blue Seed
Bubblegum Crisis
Captain Harlock
Casshan Robot Hunter #1,2,3,4 -1994 remake (Rated R due to violence and some nudity)
Cowboy Bepop
Dragonball Z
Fushigi Yugi
Irresponsible Captain Tylor
Kum Kum (Prehistoric Boy)
Lion Knight - one episode titled "Magic Of The Ninja"
Mysterious Cities Of Gold
Monkey Magic - Live Action show - (cult following)
Neon Genesis
Please Save My Earth
Protectors (The)
Ranma 1/2
Rurooni Kenshin
Sabre Marionette J
Sailor Moon
Star Blazers
Technovoyager aka Thunderbirds 2086
Thundersub (early 80's)
Ultraman animated
Ulysees 31
Voltus Five

OTHER 60s, 70s & 80's ANIME and Live Action (1 OR 2 EPISODE OF EACH)
Astro Ganga - 1972 2 episodes
Babel The Second # 1 (1973 Japanese)
Big Genie (1970 Japanese)
BIG X - 60's.  One episode in Japanese B/W
Captitan Centalla aka Gekko Kamen 6 episodes animated 1972 in Spanish
CASHAAN ROBOT HUNTER (#1 Japanese in colour 1974)
Chobbin - 2 episodes in Italian - colour
Commeto San 1968 in Japanese
Cutey Honey # ?(1978 Japanese)
CYBORG 009 (#2 B/W 60's in Japanese)
CYBORG 009 (#1 70's in colour in Japanese) 1 episode #12 with subs
Devilman # 1 (1972 Japanese)
Dororo # ? (1969 Japanese)
Dororon Enmankun # 1 ( 1973 Japanese)
Everyone's song (early 80's Japanese)
FUTURE BOY CONAN (#1-26 Fan subtitled in colour 1979)
GAZULA (60's portugese dubbed)
Gazula (1987 Japanese Colour 2 episodes)
GeGeGe No Kitaro Story episodes # 5-6 (double episode) (1960's Japanese)
GHOST BOY BEMU (#5 japanese in colour 1968)
Gold Lightan (Japanese)
Great Mazinger vs Getter Rob0 Mini Movie 1975 LTBX 35mins (Japanese)
HURRICANE POLIMAR (#1 in Colour in Japanese 1974)
Jeeg Of Steel 1 episode Japanese
JETTER MARS (#1 1972 in Colour in Japanese, similar to Astroboy)
Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero ( 12 episodes in Portugese) 60's
Judo Boy 1969 3 episodes in French
Kappa No Sanpei 1968 #1 Live Action B/W
Los supersabios Mexican anime hype movie of the 60's
Mazinger Z (1972) origin episode #1 (Japanese)
Monkey King (1962 2 episodes in Japanese)
Mute King # 1 (1981 English Language)
NINJA BOY SASUKE (aka Kiko Boy Ninja 60's in colour and in English)
Ninpo Kamui Gaiden # 1 ( 1969 Japanese)
Operation Mystery #7 1968 Japanese live action
PARMAN (60's portugese dubbed - 12 episodes)
PARMAN (80's Japanese, One episode in colour)
Public Animal #1 episodes # 1-2 ( 1960's Japanese)
RAINBOW SENTAI ROBIN (60's portugese dubbed)
RAINBOW SENTAI ROBIN (60's Japanese episode #33)
ROBOT HUNTER CASHAAN (#1 Japanese in colour 1974)
Sally The Witch aka Good Witch Sally or Minifee - (1966 3 episodes in French)
SHADOW BOY - Boken Shonen Shadar (60's portugese dubbed)
Sherlock Holmes #1 subs 1984
Super Boy Shadow - 3 episodes in Italian - Colour (sound missing in part of each episode)
Skyler's 5 # 28 ( 1967 Japanese)
Space Boy Soran #? Fan dubbed in english
Space Boy Soran # 23 (1965 Japanese)
SPACE BOY SORAN (60's portugese dubbed)
Space Ironmen Kyodene #1 with subs - live action
3000 Miles In Search Of Mother #1 with subs
Superboy (Ganbaron) #1 (similar to Astroboy but live action 1977)
Tiger Mask # 15 (1969 Japanese)
Time Bokken # 2 (1976 Japanese)
Tomorrow Joe #1 (1970 Japanese)
Treasure Island #1,2,3,11,12 (early 70's?Spanish)
Triton Of The Sea # 1-7 (1972 Japanese)
UFO Grandizier #1 1975
WHIRLWIND OF HARRIS (aka Harisunokaze 1965 B/W 3 first episodes in Japanese)
Yusei Kamen (Comet Mask)#3 1966 B/W Japanese

Best of 30 years of Japanese Animation from the 60's onwards (90mins)
More Japanese themes, intros and shorts from the 60's and 70's (approx 30mins)

libabas Revenge 1971 english
Attack Of The Spider Monsters 1977  (combination of animation and live action) english
Adventures Of Sinbad (1962 - English)
Alakazam The Great (1961 - English)
Daddy Long legs  1979  english
Fantastic Planet (1973 - French Film with English subs)
Flying Phantom Ship (1969 - Japanese with English script)
Gullivers Travels Beyond The Moon (1965 english)
Heidi 1979 English
Jack and The witch (60's english)
Jack and The Beanstalk (1974 english)
Little Prince And The 8 Headed Dragon (60's english)
Magic Boy (1959 LTBX english)
Ninja The Wonder Boy 1964 English
Panda And The Magic Serpent (60's english)
Puss'n'Boots 1968 - English
The Littlest Warrior 1961 english
The Sea Prince and the Fire Child (60's english)
The Wild Swans 1977 english
The World Of Hans Christian Anderson 1968 english
Thumbelina 1978 english
1001 Nights 1969 Japanese

Aesop's Fables 1983

Aladdin And His Magic Lamp - 1982
Brother Grimms Fairytales (XXX rated)
Castle Of Cagliostra
Call Of The Wild 1981
Fairy Tale Classics 1985 english
Ghost In The Shell
Goshu The Cellist 1982
Grave Of The Fireflies (subtitled)
Kikis Delivery Service
Laputa, Castle in the Sky
Magical Princess Gigi (Minky Momo)
My Neighbour Totoro
Noel's Fantastic Trip 1983 english
Panda's Adventures 1982
Panda Go Panda
Patlabar II
Porco Rosso
Princess Monoke (English and also a Japanese copy)
Puss 'n' Boots Travels Around The World
Ringing Bell - 1978
Spirited Away (subtitled)
Taro The Dragon Boy - 1982
Twelve Months - 1980
Venus 5 (Sailor Moon rip off but XXX rated)
Warriors Of the Wind
Winds Of Change
Taro The Dragon Boy - 1982

Destroy All Monsters - English LTBX
Gappa the Triphibian Monster - subs
Gammera - Guardian Of The Universe - subs
Gammera 1965 - subs
Gamera vs Monster X - subs
Starman #3 - Invaders From Space  - English(1958)

Cartoons and live action from the 60's and 70's including
Abbott and Costello
Adventures Of Huck Finn (combination of live action and animation)
Alice In Wonderland
Alvin Show (Chipmunks)
The Amazing Chan And Clan
Arabian Knights
Archies TV Funnies - 1971
Around The World In 80 Days (60's)
Atom Ant
Bailey's Comet
Banana Splits (ALL EPISODES)
The Barkleys
Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder (60's)
Beany and Cecil
Beatles Cartoons
Beetle Bailey
Birdman and the Galaxy Trio
Bozo The Clown (animated and live action)
Brady Kids (Cindy's Super Friend with Superman)
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny Censored Twelve
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kids
Calvin and the Colonel (B/W and colour episodes)
Captain America
Captain Fathom
Captain Nemo
Captain Pugwash
The Cartoons That Time Forgot
Cartoon Adds from the 60's
Casper (Harvey Toons)
Cattanooga Cats (With It's the Wolf, Around the World in 79 Days, Autocat and Motor Mouse)
Claymation Comedy Horrors
Clutch Cargo
Colonel Bleep
Cool McCool
Count Duckula
Corageous Cat and Minute Mouse
Crusader Rabbit
Danger Island (live action from the Banana Splits)
Danny March (rare - not listed in any cartoon encyclopoedias)
Dastardly and Mutley and their Flying Machines (Stop The Pigeon)
Deputy Dawg
Dick Tracy
Diver Dan
Dodo The Kid From Outerspace
Drak Pack
Dr. Dolittle
Dr Who Animated
Dudley Do-right
Fantastic 4 (60's)
Fantastic Voyage
Fractured Fairytales
Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles
Funky Phantom
George of the Jungle with Super Chicken and Tom Slick
Gerald McBoeing Boing Show
Gilligan's Planet
Godzilla (70's)
Goober and the Ghost Chasers
Groovie Ghoulies
Hair Bear Bunch
Hardy Boys
Harlem Globetrotters
Hector Heathcote - 1963
Hillbilly Bears
Hong Kong Phoey
Hoppity Hooper
Hot Wheels
Huckle Berry Hound Show (with Pixie And Dixie, Hokey Wolf)
Jackson Five
James Hound 1965
Josie and the Pussycats
Josie and the Pussycats In Outer Space
Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
Inch High Private Eye
King Arthur And The Square Knights Of The Round Table (60's-Australian -
with some   commercials from the early 70's including two Amoco petrol adds, KFC Animated commercial and Uncle Sam Add )
King Leonardo And His Short Subjects
Lancelot Link
Larriat Sam
Laurel and Hardy
Linus the Lionhearted (B/W)
Lone Ranger (60's)
Lost in Space Animated pilot
Luno - 1965
Magilla Gorilla
Mickey Mouse Club (original with Annette Funichelli))
Mighty Hercules
Mighty Heroes
Mighty Mouse - The New Adventures (Ralph Bakshi)
Mighty Mouse Playhouse
Mighty Mightor
Milton the Monster
Mini Munsters Animated Pilot
Mission Magic (with Rick Springfield)
Moby Dick
Mr Peabody and Sherman
Mr Magoo
The 3 Musketeers
My Favourite Martian
Nutty Squirrels
The Osmonds
Out Of The Inkwell (with Coco the clown)  Also an earlier silent B/W episode
Partridge Family 2200AD
The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop
Peter Potamus and SoSo
Plastic Man
Porky Pig
Possible Possum
Private Snafu
QT Hush
Return to the Planet of the Apes (animated)
Ricochet Rabbit
Rocket Robin Hood (Canadian)
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Rod Rocket
Roger Ramjet
Roman Holidays
Ruff 'N' Reddy
Sad Cat
Samson and Goliath
Sealab 2020
Secret Squirrel
Shazzan (animated with the genie and camel)
Sidney The Elephant
Sinbad Jr (60's)
Skatebirds with Mystery Island
Smokey Bear - 1969
Song Of The South - Rare Unreleased Movie (Live Action And Animation)
Space Ace (American 80's, not the Japanese one)
Space Angel
Space Ghost and Dino Boy
Space Ghost Meets The Herculoids
Space Sentinels
Speed Buggy
Spiderman (60's)
Spunky And Tadpole - 1958
Spy Shadow
Star Trek Animated
Stop The Pigeon
Superfriends 1973
Super Globetrotters
Super Heroes - DC Filmation 1966
includes The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkman, The Atom, Teen Titans, Justice League Of America
Super President
Super 6
Super 7
Superman and Superboy (60's)
Tales Of The Wizard Of Oz  - 1961 and Return To OZ - 1964 TV special
Tarzan, Lord Of The Jungle
The Three Stooges
Tijuana Toads
Tom Terrific
Wacky Races
Wally Gator
Warner Bros Toons (uncensored 1940's),
wheelie and the Chopper Bunch
Winsome Witch
Woody Woodpecker
Yogi bear

PLUS a Swag of other shows of the 60's such as Super Boy, Super Pup Pilot and Screen Tests, The Munsters pilot and screen tests, Monster Squad, Lost In Space, Land Of The Giants, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Adventure Island, Magic Circle Club, Magic Roundabout, Magic Boomerang, rare Australian adds of the 60's and 70's, The Original B/W Twilight Zone, The Tripods, Mr Terrific (compilation movie), Land Of The Giants, The Time Tunnel, The Littlest Hobo, Mack and Myer For Hire, Gilligan's Island, Land Of The Lost, The Champions(ALL 30 EPISODES), The Prisoner, It’s About Time (Live American show), The Unusual Film  Freaks made in the 30's and more!!!!!!!

Space Patrol
Fireball XL 5
Captain Scarlet
Joe 90
Four Feather Falls
Torchy The Battery Boy
Johnny Jupiter
Star Fleet (written by Go Nagai, the writer of Mazinger Z, Devilman, Getta Robo etc)
Willie McBean And His Magic Machine 1965 (Claymation)
Davey and Goliath (Claymation)
Time For Beany (live action puppets that Beany and Cecil was based on) with rare live action Bob Clampet footage.

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