president2.jpg (10096 bytes)James (Jim) Norcross receives special powers in a cosmic storm which gives him great strength and allows him to change his molecular structure to anything he desires. Steel, granite, acid, electricity, ozone, water and gas are some of the forms he can change his body into, depending what danger confronts him. His great desire to serve his country in the cause of justice has brought James Norcross to the highest office in the land as Super President. He works in the Presidential mansion with his assistant and friend Gerry Sales who knows his true identity. When danger arises James Norcross travels below the Earth’s surface of the Presidential mansion through a world map trapdoor on the wall where his secret hideout leads to. When he changes into a red and white suit and mask to disguise himself he becomes ‘Super President’ and fights his never ending battle against the forces of evil. Super President can fly through the air through jet propulsion on his hips and when on a mission with his friend Gerry Sales flies in the air or through the water in the Omnicar which is stored in the secret hideout.

Super President is a half hour De – Patie Freleng production in association with Mirisch Rich television produced in 1967 with each show including two Super Presidents separated by one Spy Shadow cartoonsuperpresident.jpg (8141 bytes)




spyshadow2.jpg (11996 bytes)Richard Vance who works for interspy has mastered the secret art of concentration and ejects the powers of hi inner self to produce his shadow called SPY SHADOW.  Spy Shadow cannot materialize where there is no light, as without no light there can be no shadow. Spy Shadow is invincible in light, bullets pass right through him and has great strength. He is under control of his master Richard Vance to fight criminals and protect mankind



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