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The Super 6 was a half hour cartoon series produced by David H Patie and Friz Freleng of Depatie-Freleng productions in 1966, who also produced Pink Panther, Super President, Spy Shadow and others.
The Super 6 were six strong men who worked for the super service, facing danger for kicks, battlingsuper6group1.jpg (8953 bytes) criminals and all their evil games using special super powers.  Usually the Super 6 did not appear together in each episode.
The half hour show always included an episode of "Super Bwoing" first, then an episode of "The Brothers Matzoriley" (see at end) who were a separate cartoon and then one of the other Super 6 Agents.

bwoing3.jpg (4591 bytes)He was the skinny guy with a red helmet with wings on it. He was the clumsy one, always messing up but eventually always got his man. He flew through the air on his guitar, using the strings like reins on a horse.  On his guitar was a signal light which flashed an alert from the Super Service Headquarters when his services were required.  He emitted a super lazer beam from his eyes.  When in attack mode he would call out ZIP, ZAM, ZOWIE and SWOOSH . Super Bwoing being the clumsiest seemed to only get jobs if the others were busy or on holidays.  He was usually the last choice and better than nothing.  

He wore a grey safari suit and wore a large belt with a button on the buckle which he would presselevatorman1.jpg (5030 bytes) to shrink into the size of an ant or grow into a giant.

graniteman1.jpg (7069 bytes)He was made out of granite rock and when not working for the secret service was a statue in the park.  Percible, a messenger pigeon was his companion and friend and when Granite Man was needed, Percy was sent by the Secret Service to wake him up with the words
"Oh rock of power, Awaken face, this dangerous hour"
Granite Man had incredible strength and a great uppercut and Percy the pigeon often saved his life when in danger.

He wore a green outfit with flippers, had eyes shaped like a fish and lived in a rock house underwatersuperscuba2.jpg (6692 bytes) with his secretary "Bubbles" the mermaid who was infatuated with Super Scuba.  Bubbles would also accompany Scuba on his missions.  Scuba was a relaxed, over confident and self centred superhero who used his brains to defeat evil.

magnetomancal1.jpg (7666 bytes)His hands were powerful magnets, attracting anything that was magnetic.  He had blond hair, wore a dark round glasses with a magnet drawn on his red suit.  A little boy named "Cal" accompanied him and was the brains behind the operation giving us kids an education in science at the same time.  Both were from London and had British accents with Magnetos being like Cary Grant .

CAPTAIN ZAMMO (some people remember him as being named Captain Whammo???)
Captain Zammo didn't appear much and was the one I was always hoping to see.  He occasionally appeared in some of the other Super 6 Agents segments, before heading off to another assignment   He flew in the air with the words "Tither, Yonder and Away"
He wore a peaked military officers cap (looks like a witches hat) and pointy shoes, dark sunglasses and like the other super 6 had incredible strength.
Mark Cannon (Mark.Cannon@dcita.gov.au) - a Super 6 fan has fond memories of Captain Captain Whammo1.jpg (4761 bytes) Zammo/Whammo?
Captain Whammo - who I can only recall having about two adventures. He seemd to travel back in time to various historical events in his too-few adventures; I loved the way that he hogged all the glory, while leaving all the real work ot his loyal assistant, Private Hammo ("yes, SIR!"). I remember in one episode, Hammo jumped in front of a cannon aimed at Whammo, with the usual cartoon results (ie, Hammo was carbonised). Whammo awarded him a distinguished service medal for bravery and valour - and then immediately confiscated it, "For having a dirty uniform!"  Hilarious!

The following  information about the name change of this particular character came from Om (om@io.com) 
According to Friz Freeling in an interview back in the early 80’s, the name change also explains why there were only three segments featuring this character – Wham-O, creators of such wonders as the Super Ball, filed a legal grievance against Depatie-Freeling over the trademark, claiming that D-F had infringed on Wham-O’s name. The thing that triggered this was that, reportedly, the first commercial to air after the first televised “Captain Whammo” toon was for the Super Ball! Some legal weenie at Wham-O saw this while watching with his kid, and from there the ball rolled downhill. D-F changed the name for the last two shorts, but seeing as how the character was rather lame to begin with – even compared to the rest of the Six – they simply dropped him from equal time and left it at the three shorts.
...One other side note: Freeling also alluded that the real problem Wham-O had with the Captain wasn’t so much in the name, but the fact that his appearance was more of a pouf than anyone else on Saturday Morning Kidvid shows(*). This was the 60’s, so go figure.

The Super 6 worked at the Super Service Headquarters and to them was just a paying job.  The building they worked in had flashing lights and signs for advertising such as
"All Night Service"headquarters.JPG (12605 bytes)
"Hot Super Heroes Here"
"Super Specials"
"Get Your Red Hot Super Heroes Here"
"World Famous Home Of The Super 6"

The Super 6 were only some of the Super Heroes who worked there.  They would sit in a waiting room reading comics while the Dispatcher - "Super Chief" would sit in a booth, smoking a cigar and and give out jobs as they came in.  dispatcher1.jpg (5627 bytes) 

Thanks to Mark Cannon for the following information on other Super Heroes in the show. Some of the other heroes had names like Super Lightning, Super Viking and others.  One of these "additional" heroes even co-starred with Super Bwoing in one of his adventures. This was a hero of living fire, called the Scorch (he even looked rather like the Human Torch of Marvel's "FantasticFour"). At one point in the adventure the baddies extinguished his flame, and he looked like a giant match! Fortunately, Super Bwoing was able to douse him in petrol and relight him. 

It was also revealed in one episode that the Agency had been in business for some time. The Chief showed Super Bwoing photos of some of the old-time Super Hereos who had originally worked there; one of them, Trashman, had gone bad according to the Chief, and he turned up as that episode's bad guy. I remember that one of the other heroes shown in the photo album was a mustouchioed fellow called Captain Teddy, who had the word "BULLY" written across his shirt.
It wasn't until many years after that I realised that this character looked like former US President Teddy Roosevelt, one of whose favourite words was"Bully!" (as in "that's bully", meaning "That's very good"). I thought this was a pretty subtle throwaway joke for a kid's show.
Thanks to Steve Mollett(email - mollet@cinci.rr.com) for some corrections

3brothers3a.jpg (5462 bytes)These were 3 bald headed siamese triplets.  They had two arms,3brothers2a.jpg (4104 bytes) two legs, but three heads.  One head was mean and tough, the other was cowardly and the middle head was Chinese.  Funny combination!  This was the middle cartoon of The Super 6 series and followed the adventures of the 3 brothers in different situations and time periods.  In one cartoon segment they were   knights, and in others they were a pilot, baseball players, circus performers, Canadian mounties to name a few.

The Brothers Matzoriley  appeared on "The Pink Panther Show" in an episode of  the cartoon "Inspector Clouseau" titled "The Great DeGaulle Stone Operation", back in 1969 as thieves who stole the diamond, and got away with it.  The chinese character was noted for saying  "Confucious Say, Shut Up" (snippet of info from "Jordan Kamnitzer" - nitzer1@earthlink.net)

SUPER EPISODE GUIDE (supplied by John Farlow - Email - graduate@ihug.com.au)

Voices Magnet Man: Daws Butler, Super Scuba: Arte Johnson, Elevator Man: Paul Stewart,
Granite Man: Lynn Johnson, Captain Zammo: Paul Frees, Super Bwoing: Charles Smith
The Brothers Matzoriley: Paul Frees, Daws Butler.

Super Bwoing
Easy Kid Stuff
Gopher Broke
The Bomb Glom
Hag Bag
Martian Mixup
Jumping Jack
Monster Come Home
Think Little
Don’t Gloat Red Coat
The Unidentified Floating Object
The Karate Kid
A Witch In A Ditch
Jerk And The Beanstalk
Topsy-Turvey Time Traveler
Little Shredded Riding Hood
The Man From Trash
Who Put The Finger On Arnold Hangnail

Granite Man

Cement Mixup
The Matuccci Venus
Having A Ball
The Right Train On The Wrong Track

Magnet Man
The Termite
Will The Real Magnet Man Please Stand Up
London Britches Falling Down
Water Water Nowhere

Elevator Man
Down Please
The Shapoor Caper
The Fly
The Mummy Caper

Super Scuba
One Of Our Missiles Is Missing
Whale Of A Tale
Smuggler’s Cove
Who’s Watching The Gold?

Captain Whammo/(Captain Zammo)
Ship Of Mules
The Hessians Are Coming, The Hessians Are Coming
The Bad Brothers Ride Again

The Brothers Matzoriley
Ruin And Board
A Knight’s Hard Day
You Go To My Heads
Dirty Pierre
High Moon
The Jolly Green Gorilla
Heck’s Angels
Highway Slobbery
Moby Richard
Road Scholars
Heau-Beau Jest
Window Pains
The Three Matzoteers
No Biz Like Shmoe Biz
A Tree Grows In Matorania
A Lone Shark
Hide And Shriek
Dog Napper
The Natzonuts
Willy Of The Wilderness

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