Princess Knight (Choppy and the Princess) was known as 'Ribbon No Kishi' in Japan and was based on the Manga publication of 1953-56. 52 episodes were made. It was created and produced by Osamu Tezuka and his own company Mushi Productions, airing on Japanese TV in 1967-1968..
Princess Knight was a beautifully designed colour series about a young princess in a fairy tale kingdom who must pretend to be a male for political reasons.
The series was set in Medieval times. Princess Sapphire masqueraded as a boy and was called Prince Knight (since a girl could not take over the throne). She had a little assistant ‘Choppy' who was an angel who always blew a trumpet. At night she would wear a Robin (of Batman) style mask and was known as the Phantom Knight fighting evil.
In the first episode the King announces the birth of his child as a Prince who will someday be King. He deceives the people as a girl as a princess cannot succeed to the throne according to the law of the land. The lie is to stop the evil 'Duke Duralumon' from getting his hands on the throne as he is next in line. The only other people that knew were the Doctor, Gary and the Nurse.
The whole series is based around trying to prove that the Prince is really a girl led by Duralumon.
Princess Knight was actually born with 2 hearts. Choppy was an angel who gave the Princess a blue heart before the head angel gave her a pink heart to be a girl. So choppy was sent from heaven to get the blue heart back from her to make her into a nice little girl. Choppy had been looking for her for 12 years and when he finds her the adventure begins.

Here is the cast list for the English Princess Knight dub: supplied by Andy Shepherd

Frontier Enterprises

Bill Ross – dubbing supervisor/director (died 2014 in Japan)

Michie Ross – script supervisor/translations

Carole Wyand: Princess Sapphire

Cliff Harrington: Choppy

Bud Widom: Sir Nylon

Burr Middleton (known as Burr Hoyle at the time): Duke Duralumon and Prince John

Carole Wyand: The Queen

Dick Wieand: The King

Robert Dunham (misc voices)

James McGill  (misc voices)

 Burr Middleton also provide the voice for the narration/bumpers of Phantoma (that’s his voice on the sound clip posted on my Phantoma page.  He confirmed it).  

Princess Knight was actually bought and dubbed by Joe Oriolo. In 1969, 52 episodes were purchased from Japan, scripts written, lines dubbed. Unfortunately, the business arrangement between Joe Oriolo and his then partner, Burt Hecht, fell apart, and as part of the settlement, the partner departed with the Princess Knight masters never to be heard from again. Somehow some copies ended up in Australia and "Princess Knight" was shown here on TV, first on September 1970 at 9.30 am on channel 7 and later on November 1972 at 4.30pm. The show was also dubbed in Spanish and shown in Spain in the 80's. This series also had a very limited release in the U.S. I recently received an email from Timothy Fay who wrote "The series was indeed broadcast in the U.S. It showed up here in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area first in 1978, and again in 1982-1983 on KSTP-TV, Channel 5", and another email from Michie Yama  who wrote " In the early seventies there was a children's show called Checkers & Pogo. They showed the whole Princess Knight series here in Hawaii, on KGMB Channel 9.  That was my favorite show".
I also received an email from Tony in San Diego who distinctly
remembers watching Princess Knight every saturday morning on a show called "Diver Dan". "I can't remember the channel or network but the show consisted of a live action "diver" in one of those old diving suits with the big brass helmets and several puppet fish including a couple of bad guys."

I received this email from Robert Sanchez <>
After visiting your webpage for this cartoon, I can add that it was also seen in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana market in the late 70's, either on WBRZ-TV (ABC affiliate, channel 2) or WAFB-TV (CBS affiliate, channel 9). I'm leaning towards WBRZ-TV because I always got up early for "SuperFriends" which was on at 7 AM on channel 2, and must have caught "Princess Knight" (which came on 6:30 AM) once. From that first time, though, I was hooked on this cartoon.

This email came from Michael Kortsen  <>
I remember seeing Princess Knight on our local french-language CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) television station when I was young. Because I didn't speak much french, I didn't realize that Princess Saphire and her brother were not two different people! Of course when I saw Captain Harlock in french (as "Albator"), I thought the ship's computer was the engine. Fortunately, by then I had a french-speaking anime-watching friend to set me straight.
Man, that Princess was *cute*!

This email came from Francisco Javier Roman Cabral 
In Mexico this series was very popular (the same with "Heidi" and "Candy, Candy") It aired in the late 70's on chanel 5 in the segment of Tio Gamboin (uncle Gamboin); this segment had a lot of cartoons (from 2:30 pm until 6:30 pm) most of them from Hanna Barbera and from Japan productions.
Here in mexico the characters were: Princesa Zafiro de Valle Plateado (princess from silverland), principe Franz de Valle Dorado (prince Frank from goldenland), Cachito (Choppy the angel who dies (his mortal body) in an accident at the end of the series), duque duraluminio, conde naylon and many others.
There is also an evil force (an army of masked men) who alied with duraluminio to conquer silverland (and as far as I remember duraluminio will be betrayed).
She is in love with Franz, and is corresponded, but at the beginning he doesn't know her real identity (he thinks that they are 2 different people, the prince and the princess, and hates the Phantom, because he thinks she is in love with him).
The series has a lot of magic references to spirits, magic devices, God, hell, ghost (her father visits her as a ghost), etc)
I liked very much, and as I a lot of people (from 30 to 40 years old) would be glad to see it again.

This email came from Al Owens (al owens
I remember watching this show in the early 70's growing up in Hawaii. When I moved to Texas in 1974, it would come on Sunday mornings at 11.30a.m.

This email came from Darcy Ing "Darcy Ing" <"darcy_ing">
I grew up watching Princess Knight in Hawaii.
Princess Knight was from Silverland, while Prince Frank was from Goldland. Also, she was only the Phantom Knight after she was discovered to be a girl and sent with her mother to the Tower (her father had been assassinated). She found a way to sneak out of the Tower at night....I think assisted by the jailer, who also gave her a costume so she could be the Phantom Knight. This was because Prince Knight was supposed to be locked up, so she could not go out in her regular clothes. Eventually the Phantom Knight was able to notify Frank about her whereabouts, and he was able to help. Also, Neelon overthrew Duroloman, but was himself killed later. I seem to have a memory of God coming in symbolic form ( a wave?) that threw out Mr. X, who had taken over her kingdom, and that also resurrected her father. Now that I think about it, there was quite a religious theme with God, Satan (and Satan's daughter) and so on, what with Choppy being an angel and all.
At the very end, Princess Knight marries Frank.  It was over 30 years ago that I last saw the show!
When I lived in Delaware in the late 1980's, Princess Knight reruns were shown on TV-----dubbed in Spanish! That was quite an experience!

This email came from  Larry Martinez <>
I remember 'Princess Knight' when it was shown on my local TV station (KTVT) as a 1 1/2 or 2 hour movie under the title 'Choppy and the Princess'. This was back in the early-70s and I instantly took to it. I didn't know what anime was back then, but I was raised on 'Speed Racer', so I looked
forward to seeing it when I found a listing for it. I haven't seen it since I guess 1976 or 1977, but I have fond memories of it. I don't think the editors carried the story to the princess' wedding, but just to her coronation.  It was in circulation with another cartoon movie, 'Pinocchio in Outer Space' which
was another of my favorites.

This email came from Denise Santana <>
I'd like to tell you that I saw Princess Knight in the early 70s in my homeland, Puerto Rico.  It was a Spanish version but I don't remember if it was dubbed in Spain or Mexico (different accents). 
I don't know if I am confused now, but I always thought the name of the series in Spanish was "El Príncipe Zafiro y la Princesa Caballero" or "Prince Saphire and Princess Knight"  (I guess the translators thought a little play on words wouldn't hurt the meaning).
I don't remember too much about the series but I'm pretty sure it aired on Channel 2 (Telemundo).

This email came from Justine Harlé  email -
I am the only person in my neighborhood (Paris France) to remember this show, which used to be my favorite every Saturday afternoon in the early seventies.  I eventually felt it was a dream, and it had never existed.

This email came from Mijo Saftic email -
I can confirm this cartoon ran for several months on sky channel, a pan-European TV channel which was popular in the 80's.  Princess Knight ran Saturday and Sunday mornings as part of the Fun Factory kids programming block.  This must have been somewhere between 1985 and 1987.  Sky channel was distributed via satellite to the European mainland, but was available on cable in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries as well

This email came from Juan Carlos Castro from Brazil
The show
was broadcast in Brazil with the name "A Princesa e o Cavaleiro" (The Princess and the Knight) around 1978-1980 and, as far as I know, all episodes where shown, including the final one where Chunky (here named Ching) is revealed to be an angel, all the bad guys die, Sapphire (here named Safiri, instead of "Safira" that would be the correct Portuguese word for sspphire) finally can be a girl, marries a prince etc etc etc.
Duke Duralumon was called Duque Duralumínio (which is Duralumin in Portuguese). He had a fellow nobleman who helped him in his schemes, a thin, long-nosed fellow named Nylon who you don't cite in the article.

Joe's son Don Oriolo and a fellow named Roger Grod, edited several of the episodes together and gave it the film title "Choppy and the Princess". Don managed to get it into a few cinemas as an animated movie but it didn't do too well. It also had a weak video release and was available in Melbourne in the early 90's.
In 1996 a set of the only known masters minus the opening and closing credits turn up in the hands of some company in the Netherlands. Streamline Pictures in California got the masters and was busy negotiating with Orion for the distribution when the deal fell through. Orion is in financial trouble. It also has the rights to Prince Planet. At the moment the release of these shows is on hold. (Help with production info from Andy Shepherd who also supplied the pics.)

The following info on Princess Knight is also from Andy Shepherd

PRINCESS KNIGHT is set in a fantasy Europe and concerns the adventures of cross-dressing Princess Knight.
Because Princess Knight is a girl and therefore can't succeed to the throne of Silverland, she is forced to disguise herself as a boy, the heir to the throne, to keep the kingdom out of the clutches of the evil Duralumon and his evil toady Baron Nylon, while occasionally aided by her unwitting Prince Frank of Silverland.
In this Osamu Tezuka gender-bender, all of the protagonists were originally given the names of precious metals and gems while all of the villains had the names of cheap alloys or synthetics.  The nefarious Duralumon has his name based on the word 'aluminium' and Baron Nylon, although pronounced "Neelon" in the anime, is just how it reads.
Oriolo's dubbers, in their attempt to match the characters' lip movements, created names as close as possible to the names in the original Japanese pronunciation.  The name of Princess Knight's little elfin helper was probably changed from the original 'Tink' to Choppy to avoid any legal problems with Disney's 'Tinkerbell' character, who was often referred to as 'Tink' both in the "Peter Pan" feature and on The Wonderful World Of Disney television program.
The creation (both the manga and the anime) is widely considered the first "gender-specific" girls title (a.k.a shojo manga/anime) in Japan.

Episode titles
The first Princess Knight episode guide was supplied by Andy Shepherd and are the official titles from Streamline pictures. The second list is from Kelly Lannan as they appeared on TV in Australia. There is quite a bit of variation in the sequence and title names.

1. Princess Knight
2. The Flying Horse
3. The Princess and the Beggar
4. The Sandman
5. Sea Kingdom
6. The Puppet Show
7. Three Wishes
8. Rose Castle
9. The Magic Herb
10. The Phantom Ship
11. Silverland Carnival
12. The Magic Pen
13. The Swan
14. Magic Mirror
15. Love Letter
16. Greedy Ghost
17. Tale of the Fox
18. Airship
19. The Silver Ship
20. Magic Cookies
21. Dangerous Shadows
22. Phantom Kite
23. Egyptian Adventure
24. The Poison Dart
25. The Phantom Knight Pt. 1
26. The Phantom Knight Pt. 2
27. The Phantom Knight Pt. 3
28. The Phantom Knight Pt. 4
29. Stolen Beauty
30. The Black Knight
31. Queen Icicle Pt. 1
32. Queen Icicle Pt. 2
33. Queen Icicle Pt. 3
34. Queen Icicle Pt. 4
35. The Hunt
36. Princess Peppi
37. Snow Eagle
38. Ghost Ship
39. Butterfly Witch
40. Daughter of Satan
41. Contest of Strength
42. The Broken Idols
43. Magic Spell Pt. 1
44. Magic Spell Pt. 2
45. Famine in Silverland
46. Spider Island
47. Battle of Vengence
48. Invasion of Silverland Pt. 1
49. Invasion of Silverland Pt. 2
50. The Fortune Teller
51. Princess Knight/Phantom Knight
52. Royal Wedding

PRINCESS KNIGHT Episode List (Australian TV)

1. Princess Knight
2. Daughter Of Satan
3. Contest Of Strength
4. The Phantom Ship
5. Monster Valley
6. Three Wishes
7. The Swan
8. The Flying Horse
9. Doll Of Danger
10. The Sandman
11. The Princess And The Beggar
12. Rose Castle
13. Love Letter
14. Tale Of The Fox
15. The Puppet Show
16. Greedy Ghost
17. Magic Mirror
18. The Magic Pen
19. Shadow Eaters
20. Phantom Kite
21. Magic Cookies
22. Sea Kingdom
23. Silver Ship
24. Moose Madness (
title listed; some prints show ‘The Poison Dart’ as does my recording)
25. Weapon Of Danger
26. Silverland Carnival
27. Stolen Beauty
28. Broken Idols
29. The New King
30. Phantom Knight
31. The Assassins
32. King’s Ghost
33. Queen Icicle
34. Magic Water
35. Iron Lion
36. Melted Icicle
37. The Egyptian Adventure
38. Satan’s Spell
39. Magic Tree
40. Ghost Ship
41. The Magic Herb
42. Secret Letter
43. Rat Man
44. Spider Island
45. Snow Eagle
46. Butterfly Witch
47. Battle Of Vengeance
48. The Prize
49. Mr. X
50. The Fortune Teller
51. King Neelon
52. Royal Wedding

NB: the above was compiled using the catalogue numbers of the series when it was played by Channel 7 the last time. It’s a good indication of Japanese episode order, although it is unconfirmed, (I don’t have a complete Japanese listing at present); many episodes do match their Japanese counterparts, so it’s probably 98% accurate. However, there may be a couple or anomalies, (one such blunder is the listing of #17 before #26; ‘Silverland Carnival’ must be seen before #17, for future story continuity). It’s unknown if it’s the distributor’s error or that of the original translators.

It is also possible that some episodes may exist under alternate titles, (one such episode is #24); it would appear that prints have been made for some markets using both the PRINCESS KNIGHT titles and CHOPPY AND THE PRINCESS titles; episode titles may vary according to which ever series title is used.

The episodes listed above are applicable to the ‘PRINCESS KNIGHT’ prints. – Kelly Patrick Lannan

Princess Knight Theme Song

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