These sites have excellent information and pictures on the above anime.
"Anime del ayer" (anime from the past) Brazilian Site by Jorge Marin with info and pics on Space Ace, Phantoma/Ogon Bat, Prince Planet, Gigantor, Amazing 3, Astroboy and more
Absolute Anime (Encyclopedia of anime)
Toon Tracker (Japanese and American cartoons)
Dimension Cero (Argentinian site including Astroboy)
(Brazilian site which Includes Prince Planet, Phantoma, 8th Man, Gigantor and others)
Anime Brazil (60's anime from Brazil with an English section under construction)
Jahla's Cartoon Page (includes excellent colourised Prince Planet pics and PP desktop theme - A must to download!)
Raymondo's online Astroboy Gallery (Lots of pics and soon to follow a synopsis of Astroboy episodes)
Corinne Orr's home page (voice of Marine Boy)
My Mixplate Collection (Sailor Moon, Kamen Rider, anime toys etc) 
Astroboy page (pics, comic and heaps of links)
The Unofficial Astroboy Home Page (Includes video files)
Anime Pitsop (ANIME SEARCH ENGINE which includes Anime Top 100)
i - anime networks (searh engine, anime auctions and newsletters)
MELBOURNE ANIME SOCIETY (information, meeting times, video library, reviews, links etc)
Jo Chens Playground (includes a gallery of her work.   What an artist!)
Wild Anime Monthly (information on the animated movie My Neighbour Totoro)
Expressions by Joe Shoaf (Collection of anime art and cool movies!!!!)
Sausage Net 99 (U.K site with lots of cartoons and tv shows of the past)
Tanakas Home Page ( includes movie clips of Astroboy and Leo)
cavebannerresized.jpg (9914 bytes)Has cartoons with personal art and tape trading section

The Toonarific Cartoon Archive (huge archive of cartoons that have been on television).
Franks Home Page (A mate of mine whose a big Phantoma/Ogon Bat fan.  Has brilliant pics and information)
The Anime and Games Resource Centre (Anime and Game Reviews, Message Board, Information)
Animezone (selling Anime merchandise in Australia by mail order).
Kimba The White Lion Muck Page (free multi-player roll playing web game run by Natalie Rose)
Anime Planet (film reviews and regular updates on current anime)
Sink Deep Into Anime (Modern Anime with tape trading site and lots of pics)

bannermangaz4.JPG (18378 bytes) French site with great pics on modern anime including Evangelion, Dragonball Z, Monoke Hime etc


bigfiread1.GIF (7198 bytes)

The Big Cartoon Database (Huge database with heaps of cartoons and episode guides)

banner.jpg (14117 bytes) KARSWELLS Web Of Horror ( This website is dedicated to the lesser known, somewhat obscure and often times rarely seen movies, anime and live action TV shows from the classic (old school) era of JAPAN.  Huge amount of pre 80's pics from Japanese animation and live action)

Anime UK Smartgroup The Anime UK Smartgroup is for people to talk about and share the
latest information on Japanese animation. The site has a message board, a page where any group member can add relevant weblinks and a  picture album. There is also a voting facility where we can find out the groups favourite Anime series and characters.

Step into an anime castle in the clouds.. Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Gundam and others plus animations to download, quizes etc

Animeland : Fantasy and Dreams "Your source for anime where dreams and fantasies come true"
The Xenorama Patrol The Home of Heroes and Monsters - Photos, Chat room, Messages, Calender, News and lots more of great stuff
Emissions : French site with info and pics on tv shows including Marine Boy 

The Anime Powerhouse - TAP's Mission is to provide as much Information, Links, Humor, and all around Fan Resources for anime fans. - Information and pics on Astroboy
Anime check list - A complete check-list of Japanese animation in Japan since 1917

Princess Knight (Japanese)

Tanoshi Anime Tanoshi Anime is an Australian Anime Site which strives to provide aussie anime fans with all the latest anime news, comprehensive reviews, an opportunity to display their artwork in the fanart section, discussion boards or forums, cheap dvds at the shop and much more

Super Strange Videos  Large range of videos/dvd's on tv shows, cartoons, movies, serials, Bruce Lee, Adult etc etc  

Henshin Online - Information, articles, interviews and dvd's on Japanese classics such as Kamen Rider, King Kong, Godzilla, Ultraman, Toho Films etc etc 

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